Rest in Peace, Harvey

Harvey Korman is either one of those people you’ve never heard of or one of those people you won’t soon forget. The work that Tim Conway and Harvey did on the Carol Burnett show is classic television and some of the funniest moments I’ve witnessed when I was younger. There are times when a comedian will make me laugh or catch me off guard, but the Conway/Korman duo would consistantly bring tears to my young eyes with their banter. I consider The Dentist Sketch to be one of my all time favorites and was lucky enough to find a copy of it on YouTube. Watching Conway work is always entertaining, but the sight of Korman attempting to maintain takes it to another level.

At the age of 33, I don’t know that many of my peers even know who Harvey is, but I encourage anyone looking for a nice, solid laugh to go dig up some classic Carol Burnett and take in the work of a great comedic duo. The rest of the cast is far from a slouch, but the duo of Conway/Korman working together almost guaranteed laughs.

Journeyman Axed

Seems that the first casualty of the 2007 smikwily TV viewing selections has been canceled, and to be honest, it was probably my fave. I started watching Journeyman because of the overall theme dealt with time travel, which considering my love of Back to the Future and Quantum Leap, seemed to fit my usual TV profile. It started as a bit gimmicky feeling, but after a few episodes, things started to click. Plot points from previous episodes were referenced in later episodes, the characters seem to start to progress and there was starting to be some discovery as to what exactly was causing the time travel to begin with. The ending of the first show pretty much gave me a solid “whoa” that made me feel that this wasn’t going to be a typical attempt at Time Travel Drama and I was happy to find out that it wasn’t.

So far, this has been the only one canceled that I’ve enjoyed. Life and Chuck have have both been green lit for a full 22 episode season. My 2nd fave newcomer for this season so far would probably be The Big Bang Theory, which took a little while for me to warm up to, but is now a great combo with How I Met Your Mother on Mondays to help get me prepped for heavier fare later in the week.

So long Journeyman. I’ll be waiting for the two part finale in a few weeks and if I’m lucky, nothing else good will come along so I can free myself to watch the other weekly regulars πŸ™‚

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Deadwood Kaput

Well, seems that we aren’t even going to get a last hurrah out of the Deadwood camp. According to an interview with Ian McShane over Cinematical, “they’re dismantling the ranch and taking the stuff out. That ship is gonna sail. Bonsoir, Deadwood. McShane continues on to say that with the possible pending strikes and his schedule, if it did happen, it would probably be last next year before anything started.

Apparently the former Mr Swearengen feels a little let down as well: “You feel cheated? Imagine how I feel!” he replied. “We all do. We all do. It was one of those one-off jobs that you do which has got an extraordinary creative brain behind it, and it kept getting better, and the actors were great. It was a fabulous place to be and work. It was a workshop cum theater cum film. It was an extraordinary time. But everything has to come to an end, babe.”

Happy trails, Deadwood. Happy trails. The only thing carrying me on pay cable as of late is Dexter. Deadwood, Carnivale, and John from Cincinnati have all set sail as well…

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Jack’s Back… Again… and Again… and Again

Guess the continued rumors of this finally being the last season of 24 aren’t true yet again. Then again if you’ve been watching this season, you may be starting to wonder if anyone else is going to make it through this season, let alone three more. This could be the first show I’ve seen that kills (actually kills) the main character off before the show reaches its finale. This could be the push towards the 24 movie that has been murmuring in the background as well.

Only time will tell (insert 24 clock sound here, as I have no idea how to spell it – I would try Dink… Dink… Dink… Dink… but everyone knows that’s from SpaceBalls…)

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Do You IMDB?

LAWeekly has a very interesting article up on the history and origins of the Internet Movie Database, one of the best sites on the net, in my opinion. If you want to know who starred in a movie or a TV show, what movies someone has starred in, or even trivia and goofs for movies, this is the site to check it out. I’ve saved myself from quite a few sleepless nights, trying to figure out where I’ve seen an actor before. It’s pretty common for my wife and I to pause a movie so we can figure out where “I’ve seen that guy”.

If you consider yourself and even remote movie fan, you should definitely put this site in your favorites.

Nick and Sara Fired From CSI

From Coming Soon!:

Two stars of the CBS hit television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation were fired for breach of contract. Actors Jorja Fox and George Eads, who play investigators Sara Sidle and Nick Stokes, were fired after asking for more money to stay on the show, according to reports.

A recommendation from a friend a few years ago sucked me into the CSI world, with my preference being CSI:Miami, but this is still a bit of a shock.

I guess I fall into the group of people that can’t quite figure out why someone would push for more money on a show. I mean, I understand the network makes money off of the show you are a part of, but without the show, odds are pretty good you’ll have a tough time matching what you lost. I know some aren’t in it for the loot, or aren’t making a ton of cash off of their acting, but they are doing a heckuva lot better than the majority of people just dying to have a small break, let alone a huge one.

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Rest In Peace Mr. Rogers

Was a little surprised to hear that Mr. Rogers had died, but after he decided to leave TV after all those years, I wondered if there might be some health concerns that had made him decide to step down.

If you were a kid more than a few years ago in the US, odds are that you grew up or at least saw Mr. Rogers at least once or twice. A very simple looking show, Mr. Rogers and the Land of Make Believe did what it could to kids just a little bit better. And I do think he succeded…

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The Mac Is Back

Seems like one of the best TV shows of all time is getting updated. is reporting that the Duba-Duba-Duba-Duba-Dubyu B (WB) is going to remake the almighty McGuyver. No, Richard Dean Anderson won’t be coming back, but instead the show will focus on a nephew of the man with the Swiss Army knife.

The show should pop up some time in 2003.

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GI Joe and Transformers Together?

Itching for some old school, growing up style wallpapers for your desktop? Take 2 of my faves, thrown them in a blender, and this is what you get.

The pics are just a few extras being planned for some upcoming comic books and isn’t a proposed series or anything, but it would be one of the coolest, offering up a little Aliens vs Predator action.

Click on the smaller pics for larger versions. Also, read down in the thread for a cool Thundercats pic or 2 as well.

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Celeb Dodgeball?

Oh yeah. I’d watch this.

Reuters is reporting that after seeing a Celebrity Dodgeball Tournament for a AIDS benefit, at lease one TV exec things this could be the next ‘Celebrity Boxing’ or ”Battle of the Network Stars.’

The proposed 13-episode weekly series, entitled “Ultimate Dodgeball,” is getting shopped to various cable networks.

The lightbulb for the idea was last month’s Celebrity Dodgeball Tournament, benefiting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The event’s organizer, Zoo Prods. (“MTV’s Morning After”), knew it was onto something after watching Matthew Perry, David Spade, Courteney Cox Arquette and Jeff Probst pelt each other with red balls.

Initially, Zoo was simply hoping to raise money for a good cause.

“But once we heard Jeff Probst talk about how badly he wanted to beat the ‘Friends’ team because they had beat him in the ratings, we realized we could be a new version of ‘Battle of the Network Stars,”‘ said Zoo founder Barry Poznick.

A celeb edition of “Ultimate Dodgeball” ## celeb-friendliness practically being a prerequisite these days for reality series ## is part of Poznick’s pitch to networks. During the course of the show, showbizzers will end up taking on a team of real people.

Nothing like televising something considered too ‘violent’ for playgrounds on TV with adults trying to pelt each other πŸ™‚

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