The Matrix In A Big Way

I currently am planning on hitting The Matrix Reloaded on the Sunday of opening weekend, I could be making a return visit to catch it again, a few weeks later. An IMAX version is being worked on, so I’ll be heading to the local theater to check that out. If you think a regular screen could make this a movie to remember, the whole IMAX experience could push it way over the edge.

No “Updates” For Indy

After seeing the episode of Southpark where the boys are fighting directors remakes of movie classics, I wasn’t really worried about the rumored Indiana Jones DVD Trilogy set being worked on. After that episode and talk of the scene where Indiana shoots the swordsman being removed, I started worrying that they were going to ruin the whole series with “Special Edition” versions of the classics. Well, thanks to TheForce.Net, I can breathe a little easier. Not only is the film being touched up to make it look better, but no scenes are being added. Whew!

Indy 4: Rumors And Rant

More Indy rumors floating, with a few comments made after by someone claiming to be Frank Darabont, a writer currently working on the script for the 4th Indy outing. soccer_mom56, a LiveJournal blogger, claims to have run into Harrison Ford a nite or two ago. They had a quick chat about the upcoming movie and Harrison was nice enough to give a few quick answers. According to the post, Ford is hoping that Sean Connery will reprise the role of his father from the 3rd film. Ford also responded that he had heard no rumors about a sanitized version of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” showing up in the future, ala the walkie-talkie-fied ET re-release. The current rumor is that the scene where Ford shoots the swordsman with his gun as opposed to fighting him is getting axed.

I have no problem with directors/whatever adding or modifying films, but changing classics to avoid possibly offending someone is down right stupid. Times change and so do people, but movies tend to make a snapshot of the time when movies were written. A movie about the holocaust could offend the Jewish, but then again, it could offend the Germans. Does that mean that we should change the movie to make both happy or should we make a movie that is meant for entertainment and hope that people see it as that. If the movie aims for nothing more than to offend, that is one thing, but butchering a movie to please a small fraction of the viewers could ruin it for the majority.

I’ll put it like this: Take any movie ever written and try to find something that could offend someone else and remove it. No slang racial references (whether intentional, humorous, or otherwise), no references to racism, slavery, mental issues, financial wealth or lack of, no mention of violence, anger, use of weapons, etc and you see what you end up with.

There is enough drivel at the movies out there now that I don’t need them hacking up the greats. I’ll be first in line to snag the Indiana Jones box set, but if they remove his whip and give him a walkie talkie, you can bet someone is getting an email from an irate fan…

[Update – soccer_mom56 has apparently closed off the comments area of the post, but there were a few exchanges between her and someone claiming to be Darabont. My rant still stands :p)

Digital Dumbledore

Interesting news in the Harry Potter world. Apparently they are looking to digitally have Richard Harris play Albus Dumbledore in the next movie. They are currently going through unseen footage to see if they will be able to map his face onto the face of possible future Dumbledore, Harry Robinson, Harris’s stand in for the first two movies. Considering the amount of special effects in the movies, hopefully it will blend in enough as to not be distracting.

Vote For Your Movie In Japan

Interesting little idea mentioned over at Seems that Sony Pictures Entertainment of Japan is going to try a movie going experiment next month: you vote for the movie and we play it. Moviegoers will hit the Sony website and select a movie, venue, and schedule. Once 100 to 150 have decided on a movie, they set a time and location for the movie to be shown.

Sounds like a great idea to me. I’d definitely go catch some classics if they were offered in the theater again. Might give the movie biz a little kick in the pants, too 🙂

New Matrix Shots And Animatrix Trailer

Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? Then get thee to the official Matrix website. A few new pics have been added, and a first trailer for the Animatrix is up. Very, very cool stuff. After hearing that production has wrapped on the title, it’s all a matter of waiting for the ‘Special Effects’ to get added. Mark those calendars!

Reign Of Fire

Went and checked out Reign of Fire over the weekend and came away pretty impressed. One of those movies that you go into expecting little and end up thoroughly enjoying yourself. I remembered Christian Bale from Shaft and haven’t really been taken with Matthew McConaughey (I think it’s partially due to his ‘recognizable’ accent), but both of them did a great job with their characters. Bracing myself for McConaughey from The Wedding Planner, I was pleasantly surprised to be met with a McConaughey that even bested his performance in U-571, at least in my book.

The special effects weren’t really that noticeable through the majority of the movie, with the dragons getting very little screen time in all actuality, but when they showed, boy did they show. Be prepared for a ‘simple’ fix to the dragon problem that’s pretty much wiped out the majority of humanity, but like I told a friend, you are dealing with a movie about dragons after all.

All in all, I would recommend it, but don’t go in expecting the greatest movie of all time. But, expect to be entertained, which is sometimes a blessing at the movie theater anymore.

Phone Booth

I’ve been watching out for this one since Jim Carrey was initially attached to it. Phone Booth is an intersting premise for a movie and should make for a good tense theater going experience.

Imagine innocently walking past a phone booth and watching it ring. You pick it up and the guy at the other end of the phone tells you he’s a sharpshooter and that he’ll kill you if you move. To prove that he’s serious, he aims a gun at you and you find yourself the target of a madman…

Very interesting. Colin Farrell has split screen time with Bruce Willis and will show alongside Tom Cruise in Minority Report, another of my ‘must see’ list.

Robin Williams As Doc Ock?

Very interesting Spidey 2 rumor over at Apparently there is a rumor out on the net that Robin Williams is going to play a villain in Spidey 2. He was asked about it an interview and here is his response.

Did you know they mentioned your name as a possibility for the new SPIDER-MAN villain?
They mentioned me as a villain?! I?d do that in a red second!

As Dr. Octopus??
Really?! That?d be great!

Robin Williams as Doc Ock. Wow. He’d have to probably pull back a bit as to not overshadow the Web Head, but he’s been getting into darker roles recently. If Carey can do it to the Riddler, Williams can pull of Ock.

Daddy Indy?

Another interesting little Indy4 tidbit from

According to Dutch TV magazine VARA, when they interviewed GEORGE LUCAS, who is writing and producing INDIANA JONES 4, he revealed a new character to the series.

When Vara’s reporter asked Lucas about Indiana, Lucas replied, “Spielberg is directing, and Indiana will have a son.”

Indy a Daddy? Interesting. With recent reports that Sean Connery would reprise his role as Jones Sr, that would mean 3 generations on screen. It also means that there is a possibility of a new series, starring Indy III 🙂

First Daredevil Shot [Updated] has posted the first shot of Ben Affleck as superhero Daredevil, the newest in the sting of comic book inspired movies in the works.

Daredevil is more of a Batman type hero, meaning he has no “super powers” to speak of. He is blind, but to compensate for that his other senses are “hyper-acute.” An example from the article is “he’ll know if you have a gun in your pocket because he can smell the gunpowder.”

I’ve read a few Daredevil books and always thought he one of the cooler comic book characters out there. I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether the big screen lives up to the comic.

[Update: An even larger version can been seen at]

Bad Boys 2 Casting Call

While not giving away too much of the plot, there are a few hints/minor spoilers on the Bad Boys II casting sheet at It’s good to see this one finally up and in the early stages.

Of note is the articles writers mention of “Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey”. Man. Thank goodness they dropped from the movie. I can only imagine Dana Carvey as “Mike Laa-ry”. *shudder*

Matrix Trailers On ET

Entertainment Tonight will be sporting trailers for not just Matrix 2, but Matrix 3 as well next Wed. nite (May 15).

“The sequel carves a continuation of [my character] Neo’s journey and his quest to find out the truth,” Keanu reveals to ET. “It’s more about the conflict with the machines and the humans.”

And this time around, the stunts and special effects in ‘Reloaded’ and ‘Revolutions’ are even more spectacular than the first go-around!

You know where I’ll be around 7:30 EST 🙂

The Matrix Reloads has posted an article covering the Matrix sequels currently in the production.

There is some new info up on the movies, including new pics and info on such items as how the Oracle will be shown in Part 3 (Matrix Revolutions), since the actress who portrayed her (Gloria Foster) died soon after her filming for Part 2 (Matrix Reloaded).

It was previously rumored that there is a scene in Reloaded where there appears to be 100 Neos fighting. It sounded a little strange, but the Time article sort of cleared that up a bit. It seems that good, old Agent Smith from the first movie will be making a return appearance for Reloaded. And since Reloaded, he’s learned how to replicate himself. That pretty much means that, since he’s a computer virus, he can make ‘duplicates’ of himself.

Sounds very cool.

Indy Female Reunion Planned For 4

More cool Indy4 info from

Indiana Jones will come face-to-face with his womanizing past in the fourth installment of the blockbusting movie series. The film’s writer George Lucas says many of Indy’s ex-girlfriends will feature in Indiana Jones 4. He says it will feature a scene involving a number of characters from previous movies. Lucas says, “There is a scene where a lot of Indy’s ex-girlfriends show up, but they are not major characters.” Harrison Ford, who will reprise his role as Indiana Jones, says, “It’s probably going to be the best scene in the movie.”

Too cool. It’ll be interesting to see how Indy gets himself out of this one. He’d probably prefer snakes.