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Green with Envy

Live Free or Die Harder

Yeah, Bruce Willis fan. Yeah, loved the previous movies. Yeah, very anxious for this one…

Hot Fuzz

Oh, yes. I will be seeing this one (IMDB link). Considering how many times I’ve seen Shaun of the Dead, I’m anxious to see the duo of Peg and Frost back together again. I even recorded the BBC showings of Spaced just to keep things going. I know STD isn’t for everyone, but it is […]

The When Of Movie Magic

I’ve admitted many times in the past (maybe not on this site), that I love the movie Back to the Future. One of my fave sites on the net is the timeline that has been put together, showing the various events that have taken place and comparing them to the other movies (I don’t think […]

Pixar Tour

One of the crew from was lucky enough to tour the Pixar facilities and has the details and their pictures around the place. Enjoy it, because the odds are good you won’t ever work in a place quite like it.

Fly Southwest, Bring Your Own Movie

IMDB is reporting that Southwest may have figured out the cheap and easy way to offer in flight movies – let users download the movie onto their laptops via MoveLink and watch it during the flight.

Robots Trailer

The Robots the follow up from the crew behind Ice Age, has finally hit. Nice to see Robin Williams being able to let loose in another animated feature. Not sure if he’ll top his Genie performance in Aladdin, but he does sound as if he had fun with it.

Do You IMDB?

LAWeekly has a very interesting article up on the history and origins of the Internet Movie Database, one of the best sites on the net, in my opinion. If you want to know who starred in a movie or a TV show, what movies someone has starred in, or even trivia and goofs for movies, […]

Wanted: New 007

And another Bond bites the dust…

Pierce, you did a great job and I’m happy to see you moving on. The last year has been a pain, I know, but considering the lack of stability with the role, it’s best to go out on your own terms. Bond is still great, but he’s got a […]

Teenage Pirate Snagged Filming Webhead 2 is reporting that the MPAA is bragging about bustinga 16 year old at a midnight, opening night showing of Spidey2. More of the usual “fight piracy” stuff. My favorite portion of the articleas the following:

The film industry’s trade group hailed the arrest andcredited its recent initiative to offer cash rewards of up to […]


Wow. Don’t know where this one came from. Before today, I’d never heard of Delgo, but after checking the pics, trailer and staff pages, I’m more than a little intrested. A new CGI with names such as Val Kilmer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eric Idle, Kelly Ripa, Michael Clarke Duncan, Burt Reynolds, Malcolm McDowell, and Freddie […]

Disney Destruction

As much as I feel like I shouldn’t, as of late, I just want Disney to disappear. After reading a little article with Patrick Stewart (aka Jean-Luc Picard) and his future work including an upcoming direct-to-video sequel to Bambi, I also find out they plan to take the Pixar train for a run off the […]

Matrix Reloaded

Wait until the end of the super long end credits!

If you’re patient enough, you’ll a get preview of the next episode…

Though… it’s just the same anyway! :>>

Chan Leaving Hollywood

After hearing how unhappy he was with his latest movies, I’m almost glad to hear that Jackie Chan is considering pulling out of US movies. Dark Horizons is reporting that Chan is going back to HK cinema, and with the movies he’s been given as of late, I can’t blame him. How exactly can you […]

Rev:The Rundown

smikwily’s review of: The Rundown Well, I agree with the whomever called this movie “the arrival of The Rock”. After seeing The Rock walk past The Terminator himself in the intro, being told by Arnie to “Have fun”, you get the feeling that the torch has been passed, and when the credits start to roll, […]

Revolutions Theatrical Trailer

Matrix Reloaded leave you wanting for more?

More has arrived…

The Matrix Revolution trailer is out. Prepare to be floored.

Indy DVD Box Art

Oooooh Santaaaa!.

Then again, Santa may not have to worry about this one, as it’s out in October. Been waiting for Indy to show on DVD for a while.

Roll Out!

AICN has a little early info on the upcoming Live Action Transformers movie that’s in the works. Hopefully they won’t acknowledge the “Armada” version that’s ruining the series for those of us who were around for the initial run. Old skool Optimus with some new goodies and maybe a new look would be just about […]

Playing at PIXAR

The The Salt Lake Tribune has a very intresting article covering the offices at Pixar, the company responsible for Toy Story 1 & 2, A Bug life, Monsters, Inc., and most recently, Finding Nemo. If you think you have a nice office, think again.

Inside Nemo

CGNetworks has a very intresting article up on the “technical” side of making the Pixar film, Finding Nemo. I’ve heard portions of this elsewhere, but this is should give you an idea of what types of thinking and technology is required to make a movie of this type.