The When Of Movie Magic

I’ve admitted many times in the past (maybe not on this site), that I love the movie Back to the Future. One of my fave sites on the net is the timeline that has been put together, showing the various events that have taken place and comparing them to the other movies (I don’t think this is the original, but it very well could be.)

Well, it seems that someone has decided to do something similar (although without the movie to movie interaction part) with the creation of The Movie Timeline.

We aren’t talking one or two movies. We are talking a whole lotta movies. When the first five entries are from The Bible, Star Wars, and Adaptation, you have a bit of a feeling you are going to be all over the place. Prepare to waste a lot of time on otherwise useless trivia (yeah, I live for it too…)

Do You IMDB?

LAWeekly has a very interesting article up on the history and origins of the Internet Movie Database, one of the best sites on the net, in my opinion. If you want to know who starred in a movie or a TV show, what movies someone has starred in, or even trivia and goofs for movies, this is the site to check it out. I’ve saved myself from quite a few sleepless nights, trying to figure out where I’ve seen an actor before. It’s pretty common for my wife and I to pause a movie so we can figure out where “I’ve seen that guy”.

If you consider yourself and even remote movie fan, you should definitely put this site in your favorites.

Wanted: New 007

And another Bond bites the dust

Pierce, you did a great job and I’m happy to see you moving on. The last year has been a pain, I know, but considering the lack of stability with the role, it’s best to go out on your own terms. Bond is still great, but he’s got a lot more competition these days. Hopefully they will work on resuscitating as opposed to eliminating.

Teenage Pirate Snagged Filming Webhead 2 is reporting that the MPAA is bragging about bustinga 16 year old at a midnight, opening night showing of Spidey2. More of the usual “fight piracy” stuff. My favorite portion of the articleas the following:

The film industry’s trade group hailed the arrest andcredited its recent initiative to offer cash rewards of up to $500 totheater employees who turn in moviegoers attempting to make illicit film copies.

$500? You stop someone from recording a multimillion dollar movie that you are going to make a ton of cash on and your reward for deterring someone is by offering someone $500? Estimating $8.50 for a movie ticket, that’s 59 movie tickets. If you assume that 60 people are watching a good rip of a movie that one person is paying for, is the problem with piracy that big of an issue? I can understand not wanting people to try to go all out for a larger reward, but if you have someone pirating a movie and they are going to be making some money off of it, I would think a $500 reward would be easy to top.


Wow. Don’t know where this one came from. Before today, I’d never heard of Delgo, but after checking the pics, trailer and staff pages, I’m more than a little intrested. A new CGI with names such as Val Kilmer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eric Idle, Kelly Ripa, Michael Clarke Duncan, Burt Reynolds, Malcolm McDowell, and Freddie Prinze Jr, Delgo sounds like it could be right up my alley. Nothing like a little home grown company coming out of nowhere and showing the big boys how it’s done.

Disney Destruction

As much as I feel like I shouldn’t, as of late, I just want Disney to disappear. After reading a little article with Patrick Stewart (aka Jean-Luc Picard) and his future work including an upcoming direct-to-video sequel to Bambi, I also find out they plan to take the Pixar train for a run off the cliff, after deciding that they couldn’t justify paying for the only company that has kept them afloat up until Pirates of the Caribbean. They own the rights to all of the characters in the Pixar movies made for Disney, but from the sounds of it, they are going to beat the sequel drum with them as well, with talk of a possible Toy Story 3, after telling Pixar that sequels wouldn’t count towards the remaining movies in the Pixar/Disney contract. With crap like The Haunted Mansion, Home on the Range, and their flogging of classics, if Eisner can’t figure out what is going on, I don’t think Mickey will be above water for much longer. And to be honest, I prefer they get out of the market, before they completely ruin the house that Walt built.

Chan Leaving Hollywood

After hearing how unhappy he was with his latest movies, I’m almost glad to hear that Jackie Chan is considering pulling out of US movies. Dark Horizons is reporting that Chan is going back to HK cinema, and with the movies he’s been given as of late, I can’t blame him. How exactly can you ruin a movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jackie Chan? Only in America…

Rev:The Rundown

smikwily’s review of: The Rundown
Well, I agree with the whomever called this movie “the arrival of The Rock”. After seeing The Rock walk past The Terminator himself in the intro, being told by Arnie to “Have fun”, you get the feeling that the torch has been passed, and when the credits start to roll, you know it has.

Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, plays Beck, a “collector” who just wants to pay off his debt and open a little restaurant, so he can be the chef. After convincingly and painfully taking on the “entire offensive line” for a pro football team in the opening scene of the movie, you get the feeling that this isn’t going to be another gun filled movie. Not saying guns don’t make an appearance, but it’s not until close to end of the movie before Beck puts his finger on the trigger.

All in all, Rundown was a good flick. A decent smattering of action and comedy, with the usual ‘shallow plot’ for those not there for the explosions and fights. Stiffler and Beck make a pretty decent team, although I do think that Seann William Scott got a bit “stiffed” on his part, as he seems to be there more for very light comedic support and to push the plot along. Toss in Rosario Dawson and the excellent Walken, and you’ve got one of the better action/adventure movies of the summer.

This one earns a 8/10.

Roll Out!

has a little early info on the upcoming Live Action Transformers movie that’s in the works. Hopefully they won’t acknowledge the “Armada” version that’s ruining the series for those of us who were around for the initial run. Old skool Optimus with some new goodies and maybe a new look would be just about perfect for me.