Text PayPal Me

Seems that PayPal answered fairly quick after my post a few days ago on accepting SMS based money exchanges, taking on new comer TextPayMe. Still not sure how quickly it will catch on, but the thought of doing cash free transfers face to face is intriguing if anything. Guess if you have a few tech heads on both sides of the transfer, this could catch on, otherwise it will probably take a transfer via the phone companies for this to hit mainstream.

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Artist creates eyeglasses that bolt to the nose

HoustonChronicle.com has an interesting article about an artist who has taken his piercing through the bridge of his nose and converted it to hold his eyeglasses.

It sort of looks like the glasses that Morpheus wears in The Matrix. They sort of float on your face by attaching to your nose, instead of requiring the ear “hooks”. It appears to be normal set of glasses, but something doesn’t look quite right. Once you figure it out, the whole “cool” factor comes into play.

Sony tranSticks

Interesting idea being researched by Sony called tranSticks. They refer to them as a “wireless wire”, meaning they function in much the same way as a wired connection would. Think of it as a limited access network between devices. Say you want device A and B to be able to talk, but not device C. Give A and B the same tranSticks and they can chat, while C is left out. Seems like an overly simple way of doing wireless networking, but given the possible “plug and play” configuration, I could see some benefits.

Tilt Your Mouse, Sir?

Need another axis on that mouse? Seems that Microsoft has you taken care of with their new Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer, featuring their new “Tilt Wheel Technology” (I’m sure that’s trademarked, but I’m not one for looking up special codes for the little TM). Not only does your scroll wheel scroll, it also tilts side to side. While horizontal scrolling isn’t used that much in normal, everyday user land, those who live in spreadsheets could find it useful (although IBM’s eraser tips on their mice currently so something similar).

It will be interesting to see if the gaming community picks up on this. Imagine using the tilt to look around corners in games, or scroll through inventory items. The mouse is supposedly out already, but I have yet to hear much about it. Could be another gimmick, or could be the next big thing in the land of desk rodents.

Amazon Has Logitech MX700 For $42!

I know that my site has been snagging a bunch of hits for my post a while back about the Logitech MX700. Well, I’ve finally ordered one. And you should, too.

I’ve been on the lookout for one of these for a while, but didn’t want to spend the necesary $70 to get one. Well, when looking through an ad in the Sunday paper for Amazon.com, I decided to go for it.

They have the MX700 listed for $62. That’s $8 less than I’ve seen it anywhere else. But, under that, there is a rebate form for $20 more back. That knocks the price down to $42. Ah, but they will get you on shipping.


If you pick the Super Saver shipping, which is 5-9 business days, they foot the bill for anything over $25, which this is. That’s a $70 mouse delivered to your house in less than 2 weeks for $42 (plus any taxes). That, my friends, is a good deal.

Just head to Amazon.com (the link here will score the Xbox site I work for some support money, but won’t cost you) and do a search for ‘MX700’ or ‘Logitech MX700’. Add it to your cart, print out the rebate listed, and it’s on it’s way.