Post-It Note Creator introduced to the Sticky Note Experiment video

Interesting little video of the creator of the Post-It note being introduced to the EepyBird’s Sticky Note experiment video that made the rounds a few months back:

Post-it Note inventor watches Sticky Note Experiments from Ironic Sans on Vimeo.

Very cool to get a reaction like that from someone who has probably seen just about everything done with his creation.

More Than Meets The Eye

Don’t know why I giggle like a schoolgirl every time I read something about the upcoming Transformers movie, but I do. Dark Horizons has word on a few actors being cast/sought after and Shia LaBeouf has made the list. Not the biggest name actor, but I’ve liked Shia since I first saw him in Disney’s Holes.

He did a decent job of carrying what was essentially a kids family movie, but after seeing him go from that to sharing the screen with Keanu in Constantine and Will Smith in I, Robot, I think he could easily pull it off. Not an overpowering actor, but he’s probably about as “Spike-ish” as there is in Hollywood.

Although he won’t be the reason I’ll be going to see the movie. Hopefully they don’t go with the Pokemon-y versions that are running these days and instead go back to the ‘Formers of old. Would be great if they can get some of the original cast to cover the voices, but that may be asking too much. If they pull it off, maybe we’ll see a GI Joe chaser in a few years.


Signed up for an interesting new service today called TextPayMe. Seems very similar to PayPal, but as opposed to sending money via email, you can send money via SMS. Very cool if you need to pay someone for something but don’t have access to an ATM or have any cash. Considering the amount of time I use a debit card, I find myself short on cash fairly regularly, so if something “spur of the moment” comes up, I’m usually out of luck.

I do get a referral if you follow the link, so I just wanted to make that clear.

SignUp at TextPayMe

Curious to see if this takes off the same way PayPal did, although I don’t know why PayPal doesn’t offer a similar service, as they already have enough customers to fold in a cell phone exchange. I could easily see a merging before it is all said and done, but considering PayPal is mainly used for eBay’ing, I could see why they have stayed away.

Transparent Screen

A great little Flickr stream dealing with Transparent Screen, the art of taking a photograph of your computer’s surroundings, without the computer, then replacing the computer, using the photo taken as a wallpaper, creating an almost artificial looking effect. I’d consider if it there wasn’t just a blue wall behind my screen 😉

Bonus link to the originators site where a gallery of pics is located.

Spamming Morons

Congrats, you bunch of jerks. You are making my day. Nothing like taking a few minutes out of an afternoon to moderate the comment spam you think you are leaving behind. No, I don’t want to play Poker online. And the classic quotes attached to your replies does little to make you appear any smarter.

Spammers are the lowest of low on the Internet and while it’s repetitive and takes my time, I have no problem doing it, knowing I’m adding a little aggravation to your attempts to add your worthless links to my website. If there was more possible I could do, I’d be all over it.

Take your wasted existence elsewhere, please.

New Old New Edition, Reunion Part II

Yeah, they are back. Again. And thankfully, they dropped Bobby. Sort of like how he dropped his dra’s to moon the crowd when we saw them in concert. And they are now on Bad Boy records, backed and produced by Mr Diddy.

Not quite sure how I got it from the new, closer Circuit City this past weekend, when the above link says Nov 9, but after doing a double take and trying to figure out if this was the same guys or a new version, I had to pick it up. Haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet, but I’m anxious to get the chance to.

Think Just A Geek

While doing my daily news feed check via FeedDemon, I discoverd that ThinkGeek was carrying Just A Geek , a book I’ve been eyeing for a while. I don’t do much book readin’ these days, as I think my reading eyes are worn out from all the surfing I do, but every once in a while something sounds interesting and I bite. I did end up reading the Masters of Doom on my flight out to E3, but haven’t been able to get into anything since.

For those that don’t know, Just A Geek is written by Wil Wheaton, an actor known for his roles as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation and as Gordie Lachance in Stand By Me. Wil has a popular weblog that he updates pretty regularly, with combinations of his run-ins with Holllywood and interactions with his wife and kids.

Since I’ve been following the site for a while, I decided to spring for his new book when it came out. I’ve almost picked up his last, but after hearing about JAG, decided to use it as the ice breaker. I’ll try to remember to let you know what I think, once it shows and I actually crack the cover.

Teenage Pirate Snagged Filming Webhead 2 is reporting that the MPAA is bragging about bustinga 16 year old at a midnight, opening night showing of Spidey2. More of the usual “fight piracy” stuff. My favorite portion of the articleas the following:

The film industry’s trade group hailed the arrest andcredited its recent initiative to offer cash rewards of up to $500 totheater employees who turn in moviegoers attempting to make illicit film copies.

$500? You stop someone from recording a multimillion dollar movie that you are going to make a ton of cash on and your reward for deterring someone is by offering someone $500? Estimating $8.50 for a movie ticket, that’s 59 movie tickets. If you assume that 60 people are watching a good rip of a movie that one person is paying for, is the problem with piracy that big of an issue? I can understand not wanting people to try to go all out for a larger reward, but if you have someone pirating a movie and they are going to be making some money off of it, I would think a $500 reward would be easy to top.