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Post-It Note Creator introduced to the Sticky Note Experiment video

Interesting little video of the creator of the Post-It note being introduced to the EepyBird’s Sticky Note experiment video that made the rounds a few months back:

Post-it Note inventor watches Sticky Note Experiments from Ironic Sans on Vimeo.

Very cool to get a reaction like that from someone who has probably seen just […]

Mercy Me

Had a fun week outside of work, with a concert on Sunday and another on Thursday. With all the RIAA crap floating around, I guess I assumed that cameras and such weren’t allowed in concerts anymore, so I missed out on pics of our Barenaked Ladies Are Me show on Sunday. When we returned for […]

Watch Me Play Madden (YouTube)

Adult Swim BSOD

Messing with Sasquatch

More Than Meets The Eye

Don’t know why I giggle like a schoolgirl every time I read something about the upcoming Transformers movie, but I do. Dark Horizons has word on a few actors being cast/sought after and Shia LaBeouf has made the list. Not the biggest name actor, but I’ve liked Shia since I first saw him in Disney’s […]


Signed up for an interesting new service today called TextPayMe. Seems very similar to PayPal, but as opposed to sending money via email, you can send money via SMS. Very cool if you need to pay someone for something but don’t have access to an ATM or have any cash. Considering the amount of time I use a debit card, I find myself short on cash fairly regularly, so if something “spur of the moment” comes up, I’m usually out of luck.

I do get a referral if you follow the link, so I just wanted to make that clear.

Curious to see if this takes off the same way PayPal did, although I don’t know why PayPal doesn’t offer a similar service, as they already have enough customers to fold in a cell phone exchange. I couldeasily see a merging before it is all said and done, but considering PayPal is mainly used for eBay’ing, I could see why they have stayed away.

Mack’s Back, And Jack’s On The Way

Since my last post was about the loss of Over There from the FX branch of Fox, its a nice turn to be able to welcome back Vic and the rest of The Shield crew back for yet another (and possibly final) season. Group that with Jack Bauer’s return on 24 this weekend, and I’m […]

Over There No More

Well crap. Another one of my faves bites the dust. You get to the point where you hate watching new shows because you are worried about them getting canned, but you do it anyhow. Then you pay the price when they can’t pay the bills…

Xbox 360?

Me likey so far.

Transparent Screen

A great little Flickr stream dealing with Transparent Screen, the art of taking a photograph of your computer’s surroundings, without the computer, then replacing the computer, using the photo taken as a wallpaper, creating an almost artificial looking effect. I’d consider if it there wasn’t just a blue wall behind my screen 😉

Bonus link […]

Pixar Tour

One of the crew from was lucky enough to tour the Pixar facilities and has the details and their pictures around the place. Enjoy it, because the odds are good you won’t ever work in a place quite like it.

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes – someone has thrown together a site featuring one of the greatest comics every. Enjoy it while you can.

Delicious Library

If this ever comes out for PC, consider me first in line. Odds of it happening are slim, probably, but it sounds great.

Very cool article on Wired covering it’s development, most of it in a coffee shop in Seattle. Great to see the little guys making it big in non-conventional ways.

Spamming Morons

Congrats, you bunch of jerks. You are making my day. Nothing like taking a few minutes out of an afternoon to moderate the comment spam you think you are leaving behind. No, I don’t want to play Poker online. And the classic quotes attached to your replies does little to make you appear any smarter.


New Old New Edition, Reunion Part II

Yeah, they are back. Again. And thankfully, they dropped Bobby. Sort of like how he dropped his dra’s to moon the crowd when we saw them in concert. And they are now on Bad Boy records, backed and produced by Mr Diddy.

Not quite sure how I got it from the new, closer Circuit City […]

Think Just A Geek

While doing my daily news feed check via FeedDemon, I discoverd that ThinkGeek was carrying Just A Geek , a book I’ve been eyeing for a while. I don’t do much book readin’ these days, as I think my reading eyes are worn out from all the surfing I do, but every once in a […]

Hawk vs Red vs Blue

Hawk from AppleGeeks goes in for jury duty. Intresting crew being interviewed with him.

Teenage Pirate Snagged Filming Webhead 2 is reporting that the MPAA is bragging about bustinga 16 year old at a midnight, opening night showing of Spidey2. More of the usual “fight piracy” stuff. My favorite portion of the articleas the following:

The film industry’s trade group hailed the arrest andcredited its recent initiative to offer cash rewards of up to […]

Arcata Police Log Index

Whenever I’m visiting my parents and get a chance, I always like to read through the newspaper and check out the latest going’s on with the local police and sheriff departments. Once in a while you get a good one, but the Arcata Police have them beat.