Virtual Combat

Wired has an interesting little write up called The Games People Slay about the games that gamers are currently playing that bear some similarities to what is going on in the war these days. One of the games they mention is Desert Conflict, a mod for Battlefield 1942. I have been playing BF since I picked up a new video card a few weeks ago and can say it’s a blast. I’ve also tried out the DC mod and it rocks as well. I just don’t care for the fact that people think that the BF game and the DC mod are trying to cash in on the recent war coverage. Games and mods take a very long time to get up and going. I could see the inspiration for the DC mod maybe being Desert Storm, but not the current conflict. It’s one thing to try to cash in on something like this, but these games were already on their way to being made when this broke out. Most gamers know that, but the media is a little quicker to judge. Wired didn’t jump on the media bandwagon, but I know that others tend to do so.

Beautiful But Deadly

Very interesting. Some of the crap that they consider art and offends so many gets shown at some of the largest art shows world wide. Someone decides that Vice City deserves a nomination for it’s design and they decide not to show it due to the nature of the game. I’m more than happy to say I don’t understand the world of art, and considering some of the crap people consider art, I’m glad to be in the dark.

Nintendo Unveils New Front-Lit GBA SP

If you haven’t heard the news, Nintendo has unveiled the next generation of the Game Boy Advance, nicked the Game Boy Advance SP (SP is for Special). Offering a front lit screen and a nifty flip-close design, the new GBA offers look somewhat similar to the original GB, with a more vertical look than the newer GBAs wider approach. The screen is the same on the new GBA, but offers a lite somewhat similar to Triton Labs Afterburner kit. The system also sports Lithium-Ion batteries, offering 10 hours of lit play or 18 hours of regular play, with a 3 hour recharge. Replacement batteries will be available, but no price has been mentioned.

Street date for the US launch is March 23, 2003 and the estimated price of $99.95. Cobalt and Platinum are your color choices.

I have already sprung for a GBA, but am seriously considering selling it and jumping to the new, slicker model when it comes out.

Living In The 80’s

Well, picked up Vice City last nite and played it for a few hours last nite. Definitely worth the money. The first level is huge, with plenty to keep you occupied. Last nite I learned how to jump out of cars and off motorcycles, shoot while driving, fly remote airplanes, drive remote controlled cars, and that they guy in the tan colored clothing is a cop. Learned that last one a few times last nite…

The graphics are a boost over the original, but seem a bit plain until you realize the scope of the game. The amount of vehicles, weapons, buildings, landscapes, and everything makes it feel like a real city, full of crime, corruption and other opportunities 🙂

Vice, Vice Baby

If you aren’t living in a cave, then it’s a pretty good chance that you know today is the launch day for Grand Theft Auto Vice City for the PS2. I am planning on picking mine up after work tonite and wasting most of the night just driving around. Heck, I just started playing the first one last night. Before that I would just start the game up and drive around, causing chaos and the like 🙂 Owned the game for almost 6 months and was only about 3 missions in, even though I play it pretty regularly. THAT’S how you make a good game.

Xbox Liv(e)ing It Up

Been enjoying my new pack for the Xbox Live Beta test. It came last week with a shirt and a demo of MotoGP and Whacked. I’m not big into motorcycle racing, but I really seem to enjoy MotoGP. I never played the full version, but I might rent it to open some other stuff up online. If you have saves from the game on your hard drive, the ‘demo’ will unlock the tracks/riders for use online. Pretty sweet. Would be cool if they could use stuff like that in future games. Being able to carry save games over into sequels and such. Interesting…

I’m A Beta Boy!!!

Was checking my email before heading to bed a few nites ago, and lo and behold, there is an email telling me I scored a seat on the Xbox Live Beta crew. Sweet. Ordered my kit the next morning (the order site was swamped that nite) and I’m hoping to get it in time for the weekend. You get the Communicator set, as well as an online only version of NFL Fever 2003. Looking forward to playing a console game over broadband. Have been ever since I plunked down $40 for a Dreamcast LAN adapter, which was forgotten by Sega soon after, before the DC up and died…

Mario Shining In My House

Picked up Super Mario Sunshine and the jury is out right now. I only played a few minutes of it, and it does seem like another Miyamoto Masterpiece, but I can’t make the call yet. It seems to be an extension of Mario64, which in itself is great, but I’m still adjusting to the controls and using the FLUDD water sprayer. I’ll let you know if (make that when) things pick up.


Interesting little work games over at They take words from current events news and put them in puzzle format. Each word is separate, but when you finish a word correctly, the letters that are in that word are filled in for anyother word they appear in. You can get hung up, but click the owl at the top and he’ll give you a hint. Go try them out!


I bought Stuntman for the PS2 last night and I’m having a blast. Yes, the guy who works on the Xbox site has a PS2. The controls are a bit touchy, but then again, they were the same way in Driver (Driver 1/2 were both made by the company that made Stuntman) and that was a blast once you get the hang of it. The movie I’m working on in the game is based on one my all time favorite shows, ‘The Dukes of Hazard’ so I’m having a blast. A little frustrating at times, but worth a definite rental at least.

Link In Soul Caliber 2

If is correct, the original ‘next-gen’ version of Link, as in the non cel-shaded version, could be appearing in the GameCube version of Soul Caliber 2.

Since a lot of people were upset with Shig’s decision to feature a younger version of the Nintendo hero, this should offer a few of them a way to vent their frustration. I mean, Ganon is cool, but laying the smack down on Voldo should be sweet!

Yamauchi Has Left The Building

I knew it was coming, but could’t remember when.

A story on Yahoo! reminded me that today was the day. A great man in gaming history is moving on. Hiroshi Yamauchi, President of Nintendo is retiring. He’ll be replaced by Satoru Iwata.

Yamauchi started the company quite a few years ago as a playing card company in Japan. If you have ever read the story of Nintendo (
Game Over), then you’ll know what all the company went through to become the grand-pappy of gaming.

Thanks Yamauchi-San. Your work was greatly appareciated.

Matrix MMORPG?

No this isn’t about the movie side of things (although the newly released teaser is available at 🙂

According to a new post at Voodoo Extreme, the Warner Bros. Online crew is trying to hire some people to work on what seems to be a Matrix based MMORPG. Think Matrix, Everquest style. I’ve never been able to get into a MMORPG, but the Matrix backing might be enough to pull me in.