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Watch Me Play Madden (YouTube)

Microsoft Gaming Innovation Video #1

Very cool concept if it is something that can be pulled off for a decent price: Microsoft Gaming Innovation Video #1 – Google Video

Xbox 360?

Me likey so far.

Mods: TC:Elite and Damnation

TC:Elite and Damnation are a few mods I’m anxious to check out. The first is a Counter Strike style mod for use on the free Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game, while the latter is a single player “steampunk fantasy-western” for Unreal Tournament, offering some third person action for platforming and such.

A Mario Sprite History

Interesting little read on the history of the plumber from Nintendo over at NFG Games. No mention of the 3D incarnations of Mario, but it does give a little history, including the reasoning for the mustache, hat, and gloves.

Mario’s basic look was because of limitations of the video game systems, not because that is […]

EverQuest II – /pizza

One of the coolest implementations of grub and gaming is the recently announced EverQuest II – /pizza program for EverQuest II. While in game, type /pizza and you will be prompted for a Pizza Hut order for delivery.

Wired News: Real World Doesn’t Use a Joystick

Real World Doesn’t Use a Joystick really hits home if you’ve ever seen blocks after playing Tetris or had to pull your foot off the gas after a few games of Burnout 3. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who has had dreams about the latest game to occupy their freetime.


PSP: War On The Go?

Ooh. Is the PSP getting a mobile version of Battlefield? IGN seems to think so.

I’m seriously looking forward to the launch of this tight little piece of technology and these little rumors are making the wait that much more painful!

DICE Snags Trauma

Blue’s is reporting that Trauma Studios, makers of the Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942 has been “acquired” by DICE, the developers of the current Battlefield series, as well as the upcoming Battlefield 2. Trauma will supposedly be working on a new title based on the Battlefield 2 engine, as well as continued assistance on […]

The “Life” Of Half Life 2, my one stop shop for gaming related BitTorrents, has added two new Half Life 2 videos. I checked them out and am to the point where I think that HL2 may do for in-game physics what Doom3 did for atmosphere and lighting. The game looks just amazing, but the physics and interactivity of in […]

Logitech MX1000

I’ve been wondering if Logitech is going to come out with a MX710, or a wireless MX510 gaming mouse. I already have a MX700, which I love, but have been keeping my eye out for an upgrade. I’m starting to wonder if the mouse up on Gaming Nexus is what I’ll be gaming with.


Mario: Barge of a Thousand Bullets

Classic Mario Brothers characters + gunplay = teh good

Battlefield Vietnam Revisits WWII

According to a post on Gamespy, DICE (Digital Illusions CE) is working on releasing a mod for Battlefield Vietnam that’ll take the title to it’s roots, World War II. The mod will update a few maps from Battlefield 1942, as well as throw in a few extras that came along with the engine upgrade. Reanimated […]

Desert Combat Goes Legit

Seems that the crew behind the excellent BF1942 mod that is Desert Combat has hit the big time. According to a press release on their official site, the developers have been signed to a half million contract to work on a project with DICE, the developers of the game that Desert Combat runs on, Battlefield […]

Desert Combat: Judgement Day Video

If you’ve heard of the Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942, but didn’t think it was for you, check this vid out. I play the game pretty regularly and my jaw was still dropped at some of the stuff seen in this vid. Makes me want to max out my system to see the game […]

The Gamer Of Baghdad

Very intresting article up on dealing with a gamer behind the lines in Iraq.

While missiles crashed around him, Zeyad struggled to keep Crash Bandicoot alive. Today, he continues to play, even as Baathist holdouts rage on and his frustrated countrymen demand a better future.

It’s intresting to read that he learned of American […]

Shacknews – Battlefield Vietnam First Look

Shacknews has a nice first look at BFV. From what I’ve read, it appears to be more of the same, but a little bit better.

Just what I was expecting 😀

IGNSpy? GameIGN? GameSpIGNy?

Wow. Haven’t seen something like this hit the gaming side of the net for a while. Probably since Sega pulled out of the hardware market. Will take some getting used to, but hopefully GameSpy’s site will be the dominant one, removing some of the fluff that has taken over IGN.

Battlefield Vietnam

I’m spending most of my free time lately playing Battlefield 1942, but the upcoming Battlefield Vietnam has me very interested. There is a new trailer out for BFV, and it looks and sounds very cool. Yes, you will be able to select that song, plus a few others, to fly your helicopter too.

Wraparound Flight

I think I may cry. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Be still my geeky heart…

(scroll down a bit on the linked page if you can’t see anything to get excited about)