The “Life” Of Half Life 2, my one stop shop for gaming related BitTorrents, has added two new Half Life 2 videos. I checked them out and am to the point where I think that HL2 may do for in-game physics what Doom3 did for atmosphere and lighting. The game looks just amazing, but the physics and interactivity of in game objects is spectacular. Watching the demo player make his way through Ravenholm without using a standard FPS weapon and only objects laying around really pushes what the standard shooter is about. I’m anxious to play HL2, but even more anxious to see what modders will do with the technology.

Battlefield Vietnam Revisits WWII

According to a post on Gamespy, DICE (Digital Illusions CE) is working on releasing a mod for Battlefield Vietnam that’ll take the title to it’s roots, World War II. The mod will update a few maps from Battlefield 1942, as well as throw in a few extras that came along with the engine upgrade. Reanimated weapons, undergrowth and overgrowth, capture timers, passenger seat firing, and one of my favorite additions, the 3D map.

The mod is reportedly testing at EA already, so hopefully it’s not that far away.

Desert Combat Goes Legit

Seems that the crew behind the excellent BF1942 mod that is Desert Combat has hit the big time. According to a press release on their official site, the developers have been signed to a half million contract to work on a project with DICE, the developers of the game that Desert Combat runs on, Battlefield 1942.

No word yet how this well effect the future of DC, but hopefully things will continue on both projects, making us happy for now, but also making us happy later.

The Gamer Of Baghdad

Very intresting article up on dealing with a gamer behind the lines in Iraq.

While missiles crashed around him, Zeyad struggled to keep Crash Bandicoot alive. Today, he continues to play, even as Baathist holdouts rage on and his frustrated countrymen demand a better future.

It’s intresting to read that he learned of American lifestyle from games like Leisure Suit Larry 🙂 It’s also intresting to hear how the war not only dropped prices on electonics, but with the overthrowing of Saddam, items previously blocked by the government are becoming available.