Battlefield 1942 1.6 Patch Info

If you are a fan of BF1942, you’ll be intrested to know what all is coming in the 1.6 patch, due any day now. New maps, bug fixes, Punkbuster support, updated scoreboard, improved server browser, and the promise of improved ‘chat lag’ are all included in what is being called the largest update to the game yet. Hopefully this will fix the majority of the larger bugs, so the DICE crew can focus on Battlefield Vietnam 😉

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Joint Operations Delayed Again

Well, another one pushed back. Now Novalogic has pushed Joint Operations, a game similar to Battlefield 1942, back until 2nd Quarter. I can’t tell if this or Battlefield Vietnam will make it to shelves first.

I am looking forward to both, with BFV leading by just a touch. I think it’ll continue the great gameplay of BF1942, but I’m also looking forward to the more “current” weapons and vehicles of JO. That and the game just looks great 🙂

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Congrats Bub

Just wanted to send out a hearty congrats to my cousin Bub and his wife on the arrival of their first “little one”. The little guy showed up early this morning and is probably sick of his extended family already 🙂

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Black Market For Coupon Clippers

I’ve been known to cut a coupon now an again, but I didn’t know that there was a business for it. According to Wired, people are making a decent amount of money by clipping coupons and selling them via eBay. And not only that, but some stores are coming through and saying it’s illegal to do so.

Psst. Hey buddy. I gots a $.75 off a loaf of bread that you can triple on next Tursday at Gray’s Groceries up the road. Trade you straight up for a “Buy one, get one – Twinkie”?

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Yes, I’m More Or Less Here

Well, hope everyone had a happy Turkey day. Yes, I am still alive, but haven’t been very active over here. We’ve been working very hard on prepping our redesign/rename/relaunch of the X-Boxed site and the like, and it’s just been generally busy. That combined with Vice City and Xbox Live is pretty much taking up my free time. If I do find anything that I think someone else would care about, it will go here. Trust me 🙂

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When Geeks Travel

This is something I wondered about after hearing about 2 people playing Halo via a Cat5 cable strung between 2 vehicles: A mobile LAN. Well, a few people had a trip planned, so they decided to put together a LAN between 2 vehicles. Arming them both with the necessary equipment, wiring their laptops up to HUBs, and even throwing in Internet access via a cell phone, they were able to create a moving network, with a ‘range’ of around 800 feet from each other. Very, very cool…

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Dead To Diamond

Ok, this falls under the ‘creepy, but cool’ category. A new report on MSNBC says that a new company by the name of LifeGem will take cremated remains and turn them into a diamond. Yep, take ol’ Aunt Ruthie, send her ashes to LifeGem, and for a few grand, you can have her made into a sparkler for your ring finger.

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Me And My Blog

This site is going a bit slowly at times, and I’ve decided it’s because I’m being a bit picky about what I post about. I usually find all sorts of cool links and software, but never post about any of them. I send links to all my buddies, but don’t do anything about that here.

That’s going to change.

This site is going to be a bit ‘info’ for you, and a bit ‘archive’ for me. If I find a cool tool or link that I end up using, I’ll try to let you know about it. That way you can try it and I’ll also have a reference to it, just in case I lose track of it 🙂

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