Good Guys Car Show 2007

For the last few years, my Uncle and my Dad have been coming to Columbus for the Good Guys car show. I’m personally not a “huge” fan of classic cars, but the combination of great craftsmanship and the opportunity to see those two act like little kids again more than makes up for the sunburns and worn out feet.

If you’ve ever been to a car show before and felt a little underwhelmed, I can pretty much guarantee this isn’t one of those shows. This year there were 6500 cars registered and while you do have a few “entries from the locals”, the Pro Picks and the majority are much better than you’ll see tooling around town. My uncle mentioned this year that this show has pretty much ruined other shows for him…

Bryan Gaynor – Yeah, I Think He Can Dance

Watched this guy last night and he does a great job with what he has to work with physically.

So You Think You Can Dance- Bryan GaynorThe best home videos are here

Shane Sparks offered him a part in the movie Spark’s is working on and getting ready to shoot. The Missus and I will be looking out for him.

Edit: Updated link to video as apparently another production company doesn’t want to give viewers a reason to watch their show…

Mwa-wa-wa? Mwa mwa!

File this in the “Random Trivia” corner of your skull:


According to Leonardo Moran of Bill Melendez Productions, “Composer John Scott Trotter directed his trombonist to ‘enunciate’ the teacher’s dialog as though it were a trombone riff. Trotter…would read the teacher’s line, e.g., ‘Linus, where’s your homework?’ then direct the trombonist to repeat Trotter’s inflection through his instrument.”

User-edited site Wikipedia explains that this called for a “trombone with a plunger mute opening and closing on the bell to simulate adult ‘voices.'” – Ask Yahoo!

Always thought the voices sounded a bit musical, but couldn’t quite tell for sure.

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Fixer of Fans

Well, I did my “husbandly” duty and replaced a bad exhaust fan in our master bathroom last night. For a large portion of you, that probably doesn’t seem like much, but for yours truly, while technology comes fairly easy, manual labor is far from my strong suit.

I had purchased a replacement fan kit a the previous night, but when it came time to install, there was a piece missing from the kit and it’s location on the assembly meant that my usual scattered self couldn’t have misplaced it. After about an hour of assuming I was an idiot, I verified that “it weren’t all there” and called it a night. After returning it and double checking the new kit in the parking lot of the HD,
I headed home for round two. After struggling to see through the debris that was especially bred for blinding any would be attacker (killer drywall?), I was able to pop everything into place and hit the switch for the final verdict. I knew I was golden when I could feel the air pulling through both the door and over my fingers on the wall plate. After a quick mowing of the lawn (all .2 acres I call home), I hopped in the shower and emerged to a non-steam filled bathroom for the first time in about a week.

‘Tis the little things that makes you comfortable and replacing an exhaust fan in the bathroom that pulls double doodie duty made my world a slightly better place.

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Text PayPal Me

Seems that PayPal answered fairly quick after my post a few days ago on accepting SMS based money exchanges, taking on new comer TextPayMe. Still not sure how quickly it will catch on, but the thought of doing cash free transfers face to face is intriguing if anything. Guess if you have a few tech heads on both sides of the transfer, this could catch on, otherwise it will probably take a transfer via the phone companies for this to hit mainstream.

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the nail that sticks out…

the nail that sticks out… tells the story of Shuji Nakamura, a Japanese researcher responsible for the discovery and creation of a technology that enabled the “millions of new products that we use everyday from LED traffic lights, to DVD players to LCD televisions, and many other products.” For his work, he was given an extra $200.

Due to the nature of the Japanese business, he was forced to sue the company he worked for, after moving to the US and becoming a teacher at UC Santa Barbara. He was awarded $194 million by the court, but after an appeal to the Japanese court, that ended up being closer to $8 million. A good payout, but considering the amount of money his work brought to his company, a very small slice of the pie.

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New Old New Edition, Reunion Part II

Yeah, they are back. Again. And thankfully, they dropped Bobby. Sort of like how he dropped his dra’s to moon the crowd when we saw them in concert. And they are now on Bad Boy records, backed and produced by Mr Diddy.

Not quite sure how I got it from the new, closer Circuit City this past weekend, when the above link says Nov 9, but after doing a double take and trying to figure out if this was the same guys or a new version, I had to pick it up. Haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet, but I’m anxious to get the chance to.

Think Just A Geek

While doing my daily news feed check via FeedDemon, I discoverd that ThinkGeek was carrying Just A Geek , a book I’ve been eyeing for a while. I don’t do much book readin’ these days, as I think my reading eyes are worn out from all the surfing I do, but every once in a while something sounds interesting and I bite. I did end up reading the Masters of Doom on my flight out to E3, but haven’t been able to get into anything since.

For those that don’t know, Just A Geek is written by Wil Wheaton, an actor known for his roles as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation and as Gordie Lachance in Stand By Me. Wil has a popular weblog that he updates pretty regularly, with combinations of his run-ins with Holllywood and interactions with his wife and kids.

Since I’ve been following the site for a while, I decided to spring for his new book when it came out. I’ve almost picked up his last, but after hearing about JAG, decided to use it as the ice breaker. I’ll try to remember to let you know what I think, once it shows and I actually crack the cover.