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links for 2008-06-27

John’s Background Switcher « John’s Adventures Random wallpaper switcher, with Flickr, Picasa, and local photo/image support (tags: desktop Flickr picasa wallpaper)

links for 2008-06-14

Free Depeche View for Windows/Linux Depeche View loads all text files from a folder into memory, allowing instant search as you type. Search a word or phrase just by clicking on it. Copy phrases or lines to clipboard by Control+Click. (tags: search software tools tool text) […]

links for 2008-06-13

FlashVideo | Flash conversion for drupal (tags: drupal howto plugin tools video flash module)

links for 2008-06-03

When Drupal 6.x dev always returns “page not found”… pages can still be found | Riff Blog If Drupal 6 starts throwing “Page Not Found” out of the blue, throw the following into your index.php file and run it once. Saved me from what could have been a major headache.

menu_rebuild(); // use just […]

links for 2008-05-24

YouTube – Pork and Beans Not a huge fan of the group, but Weezer’s new video is a nice walk down YouTube Memory Lane for the last few years. (tags: BOL music Weezer YouTube Culture Video)

links for 2008-05-19

Nils Holger Moormann : Insert Coin Interesting slot based wall shelving system. A little pricey, but very cool concept. (tags: furniture @Buy Home storage)

links for 2008-05-14

Wall-sized, multi-touch ‘Missile Command’ — every gamer’s fantasy – Engadget What could make a game of Missile Command more exciting? If you said playing it on a gigantic multi-touch screen, you’re probably right. Luckily for you, someone has gone to all the trouble so you won’t have to. A gentleman named Steve Mason has […]

links for 2008-04-28

Presenting EvoLux, the most powerful direct replacement LED Light bulb available. New LED Bulb that lasts over 10 years when used for 12 hours a day. Outputs light closer to a standard bulb, as opposed to the usual flickering with a CFL. (tags: furniture house technology @Buy Gadgets green lighting) […]

links for 2008-01-05

TVShows automatically downloads your favourite shows TVShows is a Mac OS X application that automatically downloads your favourite shows. You don’t need anymore to manually download torrent files, TVShows does it for you. Manage your subscriptions and preferences from within the TVShows application, and TVS (tags: bittorrent osx torrent opensource freeware rss download) Password […]

links for 2007-12-28

Feature: The 23 Best iTunes Add-ons (tags: iTunes mp3 plugin plugins Software lifehacker list)

links for 2007-12-22 – Shirts Interesting selection of shirts that appear to be based on wordplay (tags: screenprint shopping @buy shirts clothing tshirts clothes t-shirts)

links for 2007-12-01

Saf-T Grates – Fireplace Grates Saf-T Grate’s deep-bed construction keeps the logs in where they belong, so they won’t roll forward. The self-feeding design keeps the wood and hot coals together, so your fire burns more efficiently with less smoke and radiates more heat into the room. (tags: @Buy house fireplace) […]

links for 2007-11-13

Binary Fortress Software » DisplayFusion DisplayFusion is a fantastic (and free) new application that can make your dual monitor (or triple monitor or more) life much, much easier! From allowing you to use a different wallpaper on each monitor, to integrating with Flickr for image searching, to (tags: desktop wallpaper util utilities windows free […]

links for 2007-09-14

AuralTech CD repair, CD Roms, DVD, Compact Discs refinished Never heard of these guys, but if their site is accurate as to their success rate, I may have use for them down the road. (tags: CD DVD Repair Refinishing Discs)

links for 2007-09-05

Nikon Digital Learning Center (tags: free pictures photo howto tutorial)

links for 2007-08-14

Photojojo » 11 Super Awesome Photoshop Movie Effects “Movie style” effects for pictures (tags: graphics photo photoshop pictures tutorial howto movies) The Best 80 Photoshop Text Effects on the Web (tags: photoshop graphics fun) […]

links for 2007-08-10

ONLINE MEDIA GOD: 400+ Tools for Photographers, Videobloggers, Podcasters & Musicians (tags: blogging photo photography freeware) Office 2.0 Database Index of “Office 2.0” sites/tools currently available (tags: application bookmarks catalog freeware web2.0 web Tools) […]

links for 2007-08-08

Social Wallpapering (tags: photos wallpaper download graphics)

links for 2007-08-03

Using Synergy to control multiple computers (tags: freeware Software Tools windows free application)

links for 2007-07-10

Default Password List Default password list for a large array of devices. Usefull if someone can’t quite log in, but didn’t change their password. (tags: hardware howto Network password security Tools utilities)