Fixer of Fans

Well, I did my “husbandly” duty and replaced a bad exhaust fan in our master bathroom last night. For a large portion of you, that probably doesn’t seem like much, but for yours truly, while technology comes fairly easy, manual labor is far from my strong suit.

I had purchased a replacement fan kit a the previous night, but when it came time to install, there was a piece missing from the kit and it’s location on the assembly meant that my usual scattered self couldn’t have misplaced it. After about an hour of assuming I was an idiot, I verified that “it weren’t all there” and called it a night. After returning it and double checking the new kit in the parking lot of the HD,
I headed home for round two. After struggling to see through the debris that was especially bred for blinding any would be attacker (killer drywall?), I was able to pop everything into place and hit the switch for the final verdict. I knew I was golden when I could feel the air pulling through both the door and over my fingers on the wall plate. After a quick mowing of the lawn (all .2 acres I call home), I hopped in the shower and emerged to a non-steam filled bathroom for the first time in about a week.

‘Tis the little things that makes you comfortable and replacing an exhaust fan in the bathroom that pulls double doodie duty made my world a slightly better place.

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