Jack’s Back… Again… and Again… and Again

Guess the continued rumors of this finally being the last season of 24 aren’t true yet again. Then again if you’ve been watching this season, you may be starting to wonder if anyone else is going to make it through this season, let alone three more. This could be the first show I’ve seen that kills (actually kills) the main character off before the show reaches its finale. This could be the push towards the 24 movie that has been murmuring in the background as well.

Only time will tell (insert 24 clock sound here, as I have no idea how to spell it – I would try Dink… Dink… Dink… Dink… but everyone knows that’s from SpaceBalls…)

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0 thoughts on “Jack’s Back… Again… and Again… and Again

  • Yeah, read that as well. After this season, though, I’m wondering who they are going to get to fill up three more seasons of 24. Kim is the only one left from season 1 (I thought her return this season was a bit of a waste to be honest…) and Chloe is the “vet” after that. Everyone else is pushing up daisies.

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