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I want a Freeware Utility to … 450+ common problems solved Extremely useful free utilities that do specific jobs really well and save time and money. (tags: freeware @Download utilities antivirus)

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Garden Party: Coconut Cupcakes (tags: cupcakes) 300 freeware utilities for any task (tags: @download freeware) How to delete and move pesky locked files (tags: download) The Internet Clipboard is Here (tags: clipboard) […]

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How-To: Rackmount your gear for cheap – Engadget Our simple network rack is an easy project that can really clean up a home network installation. Just a few square feet of floor space now keeps our cable modem firewall, Ethernet switch, server, wireless AP, KVM, monitor, keyboard and UPS neatly tucked a (tags: network […]

Jack’s Back… Again… and Again… and Again

Guess the continued rumors of this finally being the last season of 24 aren’t true yet again. Then again if you’ve been watching this season, you may be starting to wonder if anyone else is going to make it through this season, let alone three more. This could be the first show I’ve seen that […]

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Screen grab! :: Mozilla Addons Grab entire webpages into screengrabs as opposed to one “screen” at a time (tags: firefox plugins extensions screenprint screenshot) Home Networking Help Home Networking configuration tool (tags: networking freeware PC software @download) […]