More Than Meets The Eye

Don’t know why I giggle like a schoolgirl every time I read something about the upcoming Transformers movie, but I do. Dark Horizons has word on a few actors being cast/sought after and Shia LaBeouf has made the list. Not the biggest name actor, but I’ve liked Shia since I first saw him in Disney’s Holes.

He did a decent job of carrying what was essentially a kids family movie, but after seeing him go from that to sharing the screen with Keanu in Constantine and Will Smith in I, Robot, I think he could easily pull it off. Not an overpowering actor, but he’s probably about as “Spike-ish” as there is in Hollywood.

Although he won’t be the reason I’ll be going to see the movie. Hopefully they don’t go with the Pokemon-y versions that are running these days and instead go back to the ‘Formers of old. Would be great if they can get some of the original cast to cover the voices, but that may be asking too much. If they pull it off, maybe we’ll see a GI Joe chaser in a few years.

The When Of Movie Magic

I’ve admitted many times in the past (maybe not on this site), that I love the movie Back to the Future. One of my fave sites on the net is the timeline that has been put together, showing the various events that have taken place and comparing them to the other movies (I don’t think this is the original, but it very well could be.)

Well, it seems that someone has decided to do something similar (although without the movie to movie interaction part) with the creation of The Movie Timeline.

We aren’t talking one or two movies. We are talking a whole lotta movies. When the first five entries are from The Bible, Star Wars, and Adaptation, you have a bit of a feeling you are going to be all over the place. Prepare to waste a lot of time on otherwise useless trivia (yeah, I live for it too…)

Text PayPal Me

Seems that PayPal answered fairly quick after my post a few days ago on accepting SMS based money exchanges, taking on new comer TextPayMe. Still not sure how quickly it will catch on, but the thought of doing cash free transfers face to face is intriguing if anything. Guess if you have a few tech heads on both sides of the transfer, this could catch on, otherwise it will probably take a transfer via the phone companies for this to hit mainstream.

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