Signed up for an interesting new service today called TextPayMe. Seems very similar to PayPal, but as opposed to sending money via email, you can send money via SMS. Very cool if you need to pay someone for something but don’t have access to an ATM or have any cash. Considering the amount of time I use a debit card, I find myself short on cash fairly regularly, so if something “spur of the moment” comes up, I’m usually out of luck.

I do get a referral if you follow the link, so I just wanted to make that clear.

SignUp at TextPayMe

Curious to see if this takes off the same way PayPal did, although I don’t know why PayPal doesn’t offer a similar service, as they already have enough customers to fold in a cell phone exchange. I could easily see a merging before it is all said and done, but considering PayPal is mainly used for eBay’ing, I could see why they have stayed away.

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