Transparent Screen

A great little Flickr stream dealing with Transparent Screen, the art of taking a photograph of your computer’s surroundings, without the computer, then replacing the computer, using the photo taken as a wallpaper, creating an almost artificial looking effect. I’d consider if it there wasn’t just a blue wall behind my screen 😉

Bonus link to the originators site where a gallery of pics is located.

Freeware Roundup

Found a few freeware goodies and thought I’d pass them along. Haven’t tried any of them yet, so BEWARE!

SpywareBlaster – Keep spyware from installing in the first place!

EverNote (Beta) – makes it easy to store and quickly access all your notes on an endless, digital roll or paper.

ClamWin – ClamWin is a Free Antivirus for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003. It provides a graphical user interface to the Clam AntiVirus engine. (Please note that ClamWin Free Antivirus does not include an on-access real-time scanner, that is, you need to manually scan a file in order to detect a virus.)

PC Inspector File Recovery – A data recovery program that supports the FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems.

I’ve been looking for a nice AV program that doesn’t actively run, but allows me to run it if I think I’m infected. Just happened to find the others along the way.