the nail that sticks out…

the nail that sticks out… tells the story of Shuji Nakamura, a Japanese researcher responsible for the discovery and creation of a technology that enabled the “millions of new products that we use everyday from LED traffic lights, to DVD players to LCD televisions, and many other products.” For his work, he was given an extra $200.

Due to the nature of the Japanese business, he was forced to sue the company he worked for, after moving to the US and becoming a teacher at UC Santa Barbara. He was awarded $194 million by the court, but after an appeal to the Japanese court, that ended up being closer to $8 million. A good payout, but considering the amount of money his work brought to his company, a very small slice of the pie.

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Artist creates eyeglasses that bolt to the nose has an interesting article about an artist who has taken his piercing through the bridge of his nose and converted it to hold his eyeglasses.

It sort of looks like the glasses that Morpheus wears in The Matrix. They sort of float on your face by attaching to your nose, instead of requiring the ear “hooks”. It appears to be normal set of glasses, but something doesn’t look quite right. Once you figure it out, the whole “cool” factor comes into play.

Google SMS

Had a buddy tell me last weekend about a nifty little feature that Google offers that allows you to send a SMS message to 46645 and Google will do its thing, SMS’ing you back with the search results. Here is the official link if you want to check out the details – Google SMS

And if you are having problems remembering it: 46645 is GOOGL on your keypad 😉