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the nail that sticks out…

the nail that sticks out… tells the story of Shuji Nakamura, a Japanese researcher responsible for the discovery and creation of a technology that enabled the “millions of new products that we use everyday from LED traffic lights, to DVD players to LCD televisions, and many other products.” For his work, he was given an […]

Mods: TC:Elite and Damnation

TC:Elite and Damnation are a few mods I’m anxious to check out. The first is a Counter Strike style mod for use on the free Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game, while the latter is a single player “steampunk fantasy-western” for Unreal Tournament, offering some third person action for platforming and such.

WuzzaDem: O’Reilly Factor: Yoda

WuzzaDem has posted a special O’Reilly Factor featuring the little green man with a bucket full o’ butt kickin’: Yoda.

Bill O’Reilly You’re talking in circles, sir, and you’re not answering my question.

Yoda Already know you that which you need.

American Mile Markers

KODAK: Taken On The Road-American Mile Markers is an interesting drive across America, displayed as photos taken every mile along the way.

A Mario Sprite History

Interesting little read on the history of the plumber from Nintendo over at NFG Games. No mention of the 3D incarnations of Mario, but it does give a little history, including the reasoning for the mustache, hat, and gloves.

Mario’s basic look was because of limitations of the video game systems, not because that is […]

Longmire does Romance Novels

Longmire does Romance Novels is a bit of photo-manip done to the covers of romance novels. Click through to check out ‘I Married A Sissy Boy’, ‘Lord of the Tube Socks’ and other great literary classics.

[Update – Farked!]

EverQuest II – /pizza

One of the coolest implementations of grub and gaming is the recently announced EverQuest II – /pizza program for EverQuest II. While in game, type /pizza and you will be prompted for a Pizza Hut order for delivery.

Artist creates eyeglasses that bolt to the nose has an interesting article about an artist who has taken his piercing through the bridge of his nose and converted it to hold his eyeglasses.

It sort of looks like the glasses that Morpheus wears in The Matrix. They sort of float on your face by attaching to your nose, instead of requiring […]

Google SMS

Had a buddy tell me last weekend about a nifty little feature that Google offers that allows you to send a SMS message to 46645 and Google will do its thing, SMS’ing you back with the search results. Here is the official link if you want to check out the details – Google SMS

And […]

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes – someone has thrown together a site featuring one of the greatest comics every. Enjoy it while you can.

Wired News: Real World Doesn’t Use a Joystick

Real World Doesn’t Use a Joystick really hits home if you’ve ever seen blocks after playing Tetris or had to pull your foot off the gas after a few games of Burnout 3. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who has had dreams about the latest game to occupy their freetime.


Google Maps

Google just continues to amaze me. Everytime you think the competition has a leg up on them, they come out of nowhere and just demolish them with something that’s not only better, but simpler at the same time.

Their latest Wow? Google Maps


Wiki + Recipes = Wikipes. Interesting idea for a wiki.