Spamming Morons

Congrats, you bunch of jerks. You are making my day. Nothing like taking a few minutes out of an afternoon to moderate the comment spam you think you are leaving behind. No, I don’t want to play Poker online. And the classic quotes attached to your replies does little to make you appear any smarter.

Spammers are the lowest of low on the Internet and while it’s repetitive and takes my time, I have no problem doing it, knowing I’m adding a little aggravation to your attempts to add your worthless links to my website. If there was more possible I could do, I’d be all over it.

Take your wasted existence elsewhere, please.

One thought on “Spamming Morons

  • Hm.. Surprised more people don’t reply to your little blog deal. 😛

    Anyhoo, I suppose I could say “I’m with you!” on that, but I have this strange feeling like I’d be making a hypocrite of myself. 😐

    Good luck fighting the likes of myself. 😉

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