Spamming Morons

Congrats, you bunch of jerks. You are making my day. Nothing like taking a few minutes out of an afternoon to moderate the comment spam you think you are leaving behind. No, I don’t want to play Poker online. And the classic quotes attached to your replies does little to make you appear any smarter.

Spammers are the lowest of low on the Internet and while it’s repetitive and takes my time, I have no problem doing it, knowing I’m adding a little aggravation to your attempts to add your worthless links to my website. If there was more possible I could do, I’d be all over it.

Take your wasted existence elsewhere, please.

New Old New Edition, Reunion Part II

Yeah, they are back. Again. And thankfully, they dropped Bobby. Sort of like how he dropped his dra’s to moon the crowd when we saw them in concert. And they are now on Bad Boy records, backed and produced by Mr Diddy.

Not quite sure how I got it from the new, closer Circuit City this past weekend, when the above link says Nov 9, but after doing a double take and trying to figure out if this was the same guys or a new version, I had to pick it up. Haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet, but I’m anxious to get the chance to.