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While doing my daily news feed check via FeedDemon, I discoverd that ThinkGeek was carrying Just A Geek , a book I’ve been eyeing for a while. I don’t do much book readin’ these days, as I think my reading eyes are worn out from all the surfing I do, but every once in a while something sounds interesting and I bite. I did end up reading the Masters of Doom on my flight out to E3, but haven’t been able to get into anything since.

For those that don’t know, Just A Geek is written by Wil Wheaton, an actor known for his roles as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation and as Gordie Lachance in Stand By Me. Wil has a popular weblog that he updates pretty regularly, with combinations of his run-ins with Holllywood and interactions with his wife and kids.

Since I’ve been following the site for a while, I decided to spring for his new book when it came out. I’ve almost picked up his last, but after hearing about JAG, decided to use it as the ice breaker. I’ll try to remember to let you know what I think, once it shows and I actually crack the cover.

Wanted: New 007

And another Bond bites the dust

Pierce, you did a great job and I’m happy to see you moving on. The last year has been a pain, I know, but considering the lack of stability with the role, it’s best to go out on your own terms. Bond is still great, but he’s got a lot more competition these days. Hopefully they will work on resuscitating as opposed to eliminating.

Battlefield Vietnam Revisits WWII

According to a post on Gamespy, DICE (Digital Illusions CE) is working on releasing a mod for Battlefield Vietnam that’ll take the title to it’s roots, World War II. The mod will update a few maps from Battlefield 1942, as well as throw in a few extras that came along with the engine upgrade. Reanimated weapons, undergrowth and overgrowth, capture timers, passenger seat firing, and one of my favorite additions, the 3D map.

The mod is reportedly testing at EA already, so hopefully it’s not that far away.

Nick and Sara Fired From CSI

From Coming Soon!:

Two stars of the CBS hit television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation were fired for breach of contract. Actors Jorja Fox and George Eads, who play investigators Sara Sidle and Nick Stokes, were fired after asking for more money to stay on the show, according to reports.

A recommendation from a friend a few years ago sucked me into the CSI world, with my preference being CSI:Miami, but this is still a bit of a shock.

I guess I fall into the group of people that can’t quite figure out why someone would push for more money on a show. I mean, I understand the network makes money off of the show you are a part of, but without the show, odds are pretty good you’ll have a tough time matching what you lost. I know some aren’t in it for the loot, or aren’t making a ton of cash off of their acting, but they are doing a heckuva lot better than the majority of people just dying to have a small break, let alone a huge one.

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Sony tranSticks

Interesting idea being researched by Sony called tranSticks. They refer to them as a “wireless wire”, meaning they function in much the same way as a wired connection would. Think of it as a limited access network between devices. Say you want device A and B to be able to talk, but not device C. Give A and B the same tranSticks and they can chat, while C is left out. Seems like an overly simple way of doing wireless networking, but given the possible “plug and play” configuration, I could see some benefits.

Teenage Pirate Snagged Filming Webhead 2 is reporting that the MPAA is bragging about bustinga 16 year old at a midnight, opening night showing of Spidey2. More of the usual “fight piracy” stuff. My favorite portion of the articleas the following:

The film industry’s trade group hailed the arrest andcredited its recent initiative to offer cash rewards of up to $500 totheater employees who turn in moviegoers attempting to make illicit film copies.

$500? You stop someone from recording a multimillion dollar movie that you are going to make a ton of cash on and your reward for deterring someone is by offering someone $500? Estimating $8.50 for a movie ticket, that’s 59 movie tickets. If you assume that 60 people are watching a good rip of a movie that one person is paying for, is the problem with piracy that big of an issue? I can understand not wanting people to try to go all out for a larger reward, but if you have someone pirating a movie and they are going to be making some money off of it, I would think a $500 reward would be easy to top.