Desert Combat Goes Legit

Seems that the crew behind the excellent BF1942 mod that is Desert Combat has hit the big time. According to a press release on their official site, the developers have been signed to a half million contract to work on a project with DICE, the developers of the game that Desert Combat runs on, Battlefield 1942.

No word yet how this well effect the future of DC, but hopefully things will continue on both projects, making us happy for now, but also making us happy later.

Disney Destruction

As much as I feel like I shouldn’t, as of late, I just want Disney to disappear. After reading a little article with Patrick Stewart (aka Jean-Luc Picard) and his future work including an upcoming direct-to-video sequel to Bambi, I also find out they plan to take the Pixar train for a run off the cliff, after deciding that they couldn’t justify paying for the only company that has kept them afloat up until Pirates of the Caribbean. They own the rights to all of the characters in the Pixar movies made for Disney, but from the sounds of it, they are going to beat the sequel drum with them as well, with talk of a possible Toy Story 3, after telling Pixar that sequels wouldn’t count towards the remaining movies in the Pixar/Disney contract. With crap like The Haunted Mansion, Home on the Range, and their flogging of classics, if Eisner can’t figure out what is going on, I don’t think Mickey will be above water for much longer. And to be honest, I prefer they get out of the market, before they completely ruin the house that Walt built.