The Gamer Of Baghdad

Very intresting article up on dealing with a gamer behind the lines in Iraq.

While missiles crashed around him, Zeyad struggled to keep Crash Bandicoot alive. Today, he continues to play, even as Baathist holdouts rage on and his frustrated countrymen demand a better future.

It’s intresting to read that he learned of American lifestyle from games like Leisure Suit Larry 🙂 It’s also intresting to hear how the war not only dropped prices on electonics, but with the overthrowing of Saddam, items previously blocked by the government are becoming available.

Battlefield 1942 1.6 Patch Info

If you are a fan of BF1942, you’ll be intrested to know what all is coming in the 1.6 patch, due any day now. New maps, bug fixes, Punkbuster support, updated scoreboard, improved server browser, and the promise of improved ‘chat lag’ are all included in what is being called the largest update to the game yet. Hopefully this will fix the majority of the larger bugs, so the DICE crew can focus on Battlefield Vietnam 😉

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Joint Operations Delayed Again

Well, another one pushed back. Now Novalogic has pushed Joint Operations, a game similar to Battlefield 1942, back until 2nd Quarter. I can’t tell if this or Battlefield Vietnam will make it to shelves first.

I am looking forward to both, with BFV leading by just a touch. I think it’ll continue the great gameplay of BF1942, but I’m also looking forward to the more “current” weapons and vehicles of JO. That and the game just looks great 🙂

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How To: By You

Intresting little site I stumbled across today. The site says this ” sociological project is about the study of knowledge among human society and how it can differ and change.” Basically, every once in a while a new topic is posted, such as How to: Tip at resturants or How to: Cook spaghetti. After the new topic appears, you give your two cents on how the task is done. There are no right or wrong answers. You are encouraged to have fun, or if you want, follow the topic.

Internet Fanatics Aren’t Geeks

The typical Internet user ? far from being a geek ? shuns television and actively socialises with friends, a study on surfing habits says.

I wouldn’t say that I shun TV, but I like the fact that someone has figured out that internet users socialize with friends. I think I have more “current” friends that are only then I do in real life. I haven’t met my neighbors in the house we’ve been in for close to 2 years, but I have friends in the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, and all over the US.

Chan Leaving Hollywood

After hearing how unhappy he was with his latest movies, I’m almost glad to hear that Jackie Chan is considering pulling out of US movies. Dark Horizons is reporting that Chan is going back to HK cinema, and with the movies he’s been given as of late, I can’t blame him. How exactly can you ruin a movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jackie Chan? Only in America…