Rev:The Rundown

smikwily’s review of: The Rundown
Well, I agree with the whomever called this movie “the arrival of The Rock”. After seeing The Rock walk past The Terminator himself in the intro, being told by Arnie to “Have fun”, you get the feeling that the torch has been passed, and when the credits start to roll, you know it has.

Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, plays Beck, a “collector” who just wants to pay off his debt and open a little restaurant, so he can be the chef. After convincingly and painfully taking on the “entire offensive line” for a pro football team in the opening scene of the movie, you get the feeling that this isn’t going to be another gun filled movie. Not saying guns don’t make an appearance, but it’s not until close to end of the movie before Beck puts his finger on the trigger.

All in all, Rundown was a good flick. A decent smattering of action and comedy, with the usual ‘shallow plot’ for those not there for the explosions and fights. Stiffler and Beck make a pretty decent team, although I do think that Seann William Scott got a bit “stiffed” on his part, as he seems to be there more for very light comedic support and to push the plot along. Toss in Rosario Dawson and the excellent Walken, and you’ve got one of the better action/adventure movies of the summer.

This one earns a 8/10.

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