Tilt Your Mouse, Sir?

Need another axis on that mouse? Seems that Microsoft has you taken care of with their new Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer, featuring their new “Tilt Wheel Technology” (I’m sure that’s trademarked, but I’m not one for looking up special codes for the little TM). Not only does your scroll wheel scroll, it also tilts side to side. While horizontal scrolling isn’t used that much in normal, everyday user land, those who live in spreadsheets could find it useful (although IBM’s eraser tips on their mice currently so something similar).

It will be interesting to see if the gaming community picks up on this. Imagine using the tilt to look around corners in games, or scroll through inventory items. The mouse is supposedly out already, but I have yet to hear much about it. Could be another gimmick, or could be the next big thing in the land of desk rodents.

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