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Awful Plastic Surgery

The name speaks for itself.

Rev:The Rundown

smikwily’s review of: The Rundown Well, I agree with the whomever called this movie “the arrival of The Rock”. After seeing The Rock walk past The Terminator himself in the intro, being told by Arnie to “Have fun”, you get the feeling that the torch has been passed, and when the credits start to roll, […]

Battlefield Vietnam

I’m spending most of my free time lately playing Battlefield 1942, but the upcoming Battlefield Vietnam has me very interested. There is a new trailer out for BFV, and it looks and sounds very cool. Yes, you will be able to select that song, plus a few others, to fly your helicopter too.

Revolutions Theatrical Trailer

Matrix Reloaded leave you wanting for more?

More has arrived…

The Matrix Revolution trailer is out. Prepare to be floored.

Tilt Your Mouse, Sir?

Need another axis on that mouse? Seems that Microsoft has you taken care of with their new Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer, featuring their new “Tilt Wheel Technology” (I’m sure that’s trademarked, but I’m not one for looking up special codes for the little TM). Not only does your scroll wheel scroll, it also tilts side to […]

Indy DVD Box Art

Oooooh Santaaaa!.

Then again, Santa may not have to worry about this one, as it’s out in October. Been waiting for Indy to show on DVD for a while.

Roll Out!

AICN has a little early info on the upcoming Live Action Transformers movie that’s in the works. Hopefully they won’t acknowledge the “Armada” version that’s ruining the series for those of us who were around for the initial run. Old skool Optimus with some new goodies and maybe a new look would be just about […]

Brain Drill

One word for you: OW!

Playing at PIXAR

The The Salt Lake Tribune has a very intresting article covering the offices at Pixar, the company responsible for Toy Story 1 & 2, A Bug life, Monsters, Inc., and most recently, Finding Nemo. If you think you have a nice office, think again.