The Matrix In A Big Way

I currently am planning on hitting The Matrix Reloaded on the Sunday of opening weekend, I could be making a return visit to catch it again, a few weeks later. An IMAX version is being worked on, so I’ll be heading to the local theater to check that out. If you think a regular screen could make this a movie to remember, the whole IMAX experience could push it way over the edge.

No “Updates” For Indy

After seeing the episode of Southpark where the boys are fighting directors remakes of movie classics, I wasn’t really worried about the rumored Indiana Jones DVD Trilogy set being worked on. After that episode and talk of the scene where Indiana shoots the swordsman being removed, I started worrying that they were going to ruin the whole series with “Special Edition” versions of the classics. Well, thanks to TheForce.Net, I can breathe a little easier. Not only is the film being touched up to make it look better, but no scenes are being added. Whew!

Virtual Combat

Wired has an interesting little write up called The Games People Slay about the games that gamers are currently playing that bear some similarities to what is going on in the war these days. One of the games they mention is Desert Conflict, a mod for Battlefield 1942. I have been playing BF since I picked up a new video card a few weeks ago and can say it’s a blast. I’ve also tried out the DC mod and it rocks as well. I just don’t care for the fact that people think that the BF game and the DC mod are trying to cash in on the recent war coverage. Games and mods take a very long time to get up and going. I could see the inspiration for the DC mod maybe being Desert Storm, but not the current conflict. It’s one thing to try to cash in on something like this, but these games were already on their way to being made when this broke out. Most gamers know that, but the media is a little quicker to judge. Wired didn’t jump on the media bandwagon, but I know that others tend to do so.