Indy 4: Rumors And Rant

More Indy rumors floating, with a few comments made after by someone claiming to be Frank Darabont, a writer currently working on the script for the 4th Indy outing. soccer_mom56, a LiveJournal blogger, claims to have run into Harrison Ford a nite or two ago. They had a quick chat about the upcoming movie and Harrison was nice enough to give a few quick answers. According to the post, Ford is hoping that Sean Connery will reprise the role of his father from the 3rd film. Ford also responded that he had heard no rumors about a sanitized version of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” showing up in the future, ala the walkie-talkie-fied ET re-release. The current rumor is that the scene where Ford shoots the swordsman with his gun as opposed to fighting him is getting axed.

I have no problem with directors/whatever adding or modifying films, but changing classics to avoid possibly offending someone is down right stupid. Times change and so do people, but movies tend to make a snapshot of the time when movies were written. A movie about the holocaust could offend the Jewish, but then again, it could offend the Germans. Does that mean that we should change the movie to make both happy or should we make a movie that is meant for entertainment and hope that people see it as that. If the movie aims for nothing more than to offend, that is one thing, but butchering a movie to please a small fraction of the viewers could ruin it for the majority.

I’ll put it like this: Take any movie ever written and try to find something that could offend someone else and remove it. No slang racial references (whether intentional, humorous, or otherwise), no references to racism, slavery, mental issues, financial wealth or lack of, no mention of violence, anger, use of weapons, etc and you see what you end up with.

There is enough drivel at the movies out there now that I don’t need them hacking up the greats. I’ll be first in line to snag the Indiana Jones box set, but if they remove his whip and give him a walkie talkie, you can bet someone is getting an email from an irate fan…

[Update – soccer_mom56 has apparently closed off the comments area of the post, but there were a few exchanges between her and someone claiming to be Darabont. My rant still stands :p)

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