Dot Com Morons

So, you find a domain you want to buy, but you can’t quite get it because even though it’s expired, the registrar hasn’t released it yet. Even though the “subscription” has expired, it won’t be released so the company that is responsible for registering it for the users out there can try to charge someone to “buy it as soon as possible” for an added fee. So, instead of using that fee, you decide to wait. And wait. And wait…

Then, when the domain becomes available, you find that is has been snagged by one of the many domain squatting companies out there trying to make a buck off of the sale of said domains. Sites like this who have the odacity to complain about the registrars being anti-competative by cheating other companies, such as said squatters, out of the apparent $688 minimum to get the domain. Is it me or does this sound like organized chaos to anyone else? After seeing the site yesterday that sold eBay user names, I thought I’d seen just about every “legal” way of trying to milk the customers out there.

And people wonder why new companies end up with names such as

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