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Indy 4: Rumors And Rant

More Indy rumors floating, with a few comments made after by someone claiming to be Frank Darabont, a writer currently working on the script for the 4th Indy outing. soccer_mom56, a LiveJournal blogger, claims to have run into Harrison Ford a nite or two ago. They had a quick chat about the upcoming movie and […]

Wireless Is Boston

Interesting little read on Free Wireless on Newberry Street tells of a local business owner who has wireless internet for most of the street that his shop is on for the use of customers and visitors to the area. In exchange for the service, users have to deal with a popup every few hours. […]

Dot Com Morons

So, you find a domain you want to buy, but you can’t quite get it because even though it’s expired, the registrar hasn’t released it yet. Even though the “subscription” has expired, it won’t be released so the company that is responsible for registering it for the users out there can try to charge someone […]

Weather Watcher

Was watching TechTV for a few minutes last nite and saw Megan intro a replacement for WeatherBug. I’ve been a avid Bug user for a few years now, but always hated the popups and other crap that was included to “persuade” you to buy the full version of the program.

Weather Watcher on the other […]