Rest In Peace Mr. Rogers

Was a little surprised to hear that Mr. Rogers had died, but after he decided to leave TV after all those years, I wondered if there might be some health concerns that had made him decide to step down.

If you were a kid more than a few years ago in the US, odds are that you grew up or at least saw Mr. Rogers at least once or twice. A very simple looking show, Mr. Rogers and the Land of Make Believe did what it could to kids just a little bit better. And I do think he succeded…

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Congrats Bub

Just wanted to send out a hearty congrats to my cousin Bub and his wife on the arrival of their first “little one”. The little guy showed up early this morning and is probably sick of his extended family already 🙂

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Black Market For Coupon Clippers

I’ve been known to cut a coupon now an again, but I didn’t know that there was a business for it. According to Wired, people are making a decent amount of money by clipping coupons and selling them via eBay. And not only that, but some stores are coming through and saying it’s illegal to do so.

Psst. Hey buddy. I gots a $.75 off a loaf of bread that you can triple on next Tursday at Gray’s Groceries up the road. Trade you straight up for a “Buy one, get one – Twinkie”?

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Beautiful But Deadly

Very interesting. Some of the crap that they consider art and offends so many gets shown at some of the largest art shows world wide. Someone decides that Vice City deserves a nomination for it’s design and they decide not to show it due to the nature of the game. I’m more than happy to say I don’t understand the world of art, and considering some of the crap people consider art, I’m glad to be in the dark.