Nintendo Unveils New Front-Lit GBA SP

If you haven’t heard the news, Nintendo has unveiled the next generation of the Game Boy Advance, nicked the Game Boy Advance SP (SP is for Special). Offering a front lit screen and a nifty flip-close design, the new GBA offers look somewhat similar to the original GB, with a more vertical look than the newer GBAs wider approach. The screen is the same on the new GBA, but offers a lite somewhat similar to Triton Labs Afterburner kit. The system also sports Lithium-Ion batteries, offering 10 hours of lit play or 18 hours of regular play, with a 3 hour recharge. Replacement batteries will be available, but no price has been mentioned.

Street date for the US launch is March 23, 2003 and the estimated price of $99.95. Cobalt and Platinum are your color choices.

I have already sprung for a GBA, but am seriously considering selling it and jumping to the new, slicker model when it comes out.

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