Digital Dumbledore

Interesting news in the Harry Potter world. Apparently they are looking to digitally have Richard Harris play Albus Dumbledore in the next movie. They are currently going through unseen footage to see if they will be able to map his face onto the face of possible future Dumbledore, Harry Robinson, Harris’s stand in for the first two movies. Considering the amount of special effects in the movies, hopefully it will blend in enough as to not be distracting.

Amazon Has Logitech MX700 For $42!

I know that my site has been snagging a bunch of hits for my post a while back about the Logitech MX700. Well, I’ve finally ordered one. And you should, too.

I’ve been on the lookout for one of these for a while, but didn’t want to spend the necesary $70 to get one. Well, when looking through an ad in the Sunday paper for, I decided to go for it.

They have the MX700 listed for $62. That’s $8 less than I’ve seen it anywhere else. But, under that, there is a rebate form for $20 more back. That knocks the price down to $42. Ah, but they will get you on shipping.


If you pick the Super Saver shipping, which is 5-9 business days, they foot the bill for anything over $25, which this is. That’s a $70 mouse delivered to your house in less than 2 weeks for $42 (plus any taxes). That, my friends, is a good deal.

Just head to (the link here will score the Xbox site I work for some support money, but won’t cost you) and do a search for ‘MX700’ or ‘Logitech MX700’. Add it to your cart, print out the rebate listed, and it’s on it’s way.

Yes, I’m More Or Less Here

Well, hope everyone had a happy Turkey day. Yes, I am still alive, but haven’t been very active over here. We’ve been working very hard on prepping our redesign/rename/relaunch of the X-Boxed site and the like, and it’s just been generally busy. That combined with Vice City and Xbox Live is pretty much taking up my free time. If I do find anything that I think someone else would care about, it will go here. Trust me 🙂

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