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Living In The 80’s

Well, picked up Vice City last nite and played it for a few hours last nite. Definitely worth the money. The first level is huge, with plenty to keep you occupied. Last nite I learned how to jump out of cars and off motorcycles, shoot while driving, fly remote airplanes, drive remote controlled cars, and […]

Vice, Vice Baby

If you aren’t living in a cave, then it’s a pretty good chance that you know today is the launch day for Grand Theft Auto Vice City for the PS2. I am planning on picking mine up after work tonite and wasting most of the night just driving around. Heck, I just started playing the […]

Dante Is A Daddy

If you chuckle a bit when you read today’s Angst Technology, then you’ve probably played one of the best point and click titles available. The company working on the next version of the classic has gone under, but word is that Lucas Arts is still pushing it. Hopefully Sam and Max 2 will show up […]

Matrix Posters

AICN has snagged pics of the teaser posters from Matrix Reloaded and they aren’t helping the fact that we have about 9 months left to wait. But they look so darn cool!!!

The Mac Is Back

Seems like one of the best TV shows of all time is getting updated. is reporting that the Duba-Duba-Duba-Duba-Dubyu B (WB) is going to remake the almighty McGuyver. No, Richard Dean Anderson won’t be coming back, but instead the show will focus on a nephew of the man with the Swiss Army knife.

The […]

Trillian Updates

In case you haven’t been there in a while, there is a new version of available. Nothing major and ground breaking, this is just another patch to fix a few issues. If you are a Pro user, head to the forums and check out some of the Plugins and Skins that are starting to […]

Xbox Liv(e)ing It Up

Been enjoying my new pack for the Xbox Live Beta test. It came last week with a shirt and a demo of MotoGP and Whacked. I’m not big into motorcycle racing, but I really seem to enjoy MotoGP. I never played the full version, but I might rent it to open some other stuff up […]

Carter To Leave ER In ’04

Doctor Carter is out when his contract is up, according to The only remaining original crew member for the show, Carter, played by Noah Wyle, has come full circle from being a student to being a teacher.

Wyle’s contract is up at the end of the 2003-2004 season, so we have almost a full […]

The Pop vs. Soda Page

Probably one of the largest language differences in the US is how we refer to ‘carbonated beverages’. Some call it Coke, others pop, and still others refer to it as soda. This page shows that whichever you use, you are probably surrounded by those who call it the same thing.