Living In The 80’s

Well, picked up Vice City last nite and played it for a few hours last nite. Definitely worth the money. The first level is huge, with plenty to keep you occupied. Last nite I learned how to jump out of cars and off motorcycles, shoot while driving, fly remote airplanes, drive remote controlled cars, and that they guy in the tan colored clothing is a cop. Learned that last one a few times last nite…

The graphics are a boost over the original, but seem a bit plain until you realize the scope of the game. The amount of vehicles, weapons, buildings, landscapes, and everything makes it feel like a real city, full of crime, corruption and other opportunities 🙂

Vice, Vice Baby

If you aren’t living in a cave, then it’s a pretty good chance that you know today is the launch day for Grand Theft Auto Vice City for the PS2. I am planning on picking mine up after work tonite and wasting most of the night just driving around. Heck, I just started playing the first one last night. Before that I would just start the game up and drive around, causing chaos and the like 🙂 Owned the game for almost 6 months and was only about 3 missions in, even though I play it pretty regularly. THAT’S how you make a good game.

The Mac Is Back

Seems like one of the best TV shows of all time is getting updated. is reporting that the Duba-Duba-Duba-Duba-Dubyu B (WB) is going to remake the almighty McGuyver. No, Richard Dean Anderson won’t be coming back, but instead the show will focus on a nephew of the man with the Swiss Army knife.

The show should pop up some time in 2003.

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Xbox Liv(e)ing It Up

Been enjoying my new pack for the Xbox Live Beta test. It came last week with a shirt and a demo of MotoGP and Whacked. I’m not big into motorcycle racing, but I really seem to enjoy MotoGP. I never played the full version, but I might rent it to open some other stuff up online. If you have saves from the game on your hard drive, the ‘demo’ will unlock the tracks/riders for use online. Pretty sweet. Would be cool if they could use stuff like that in future games. Being able to carry save games over into sequels and such. Interesting…