I’m On PlanetQuake?

Decided I would Google myself and dig around and find references to my online persona, Smikwily. I was a little surprised to find a reference to me on the almighty PlanetQuake. Someone had asked why drive up ATMs had braille on them. This is the answer I gave them:

I actually heard the reason for this on a local radio station here in Columbus Ohio. A large majority of blind people travel by Taxi. If they need cash, the taxi takes them through the ATM. They are in the back seat, but still in a vehicle. That’s why the drive up ATMs have braille. So blind people who are traveling with other people or by Taxi can feel the keys.

There is a bit more to my response, including a G.I. Joe reference that I received bonus points for, but that sums it up. A nifty little piece of trivia for some of you folks out there.

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