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b2 Is Done With Betas

b2, the script which is running these posts, as well as the illustrious Webfroot, has finally hit it’s last beta release. The next version is going to be 1.0 and it’s been a long time coming. The creator of this wonderful script, Michel V, has done a great job of making a powerful piece of […]

The Rise Alarm Clock

Ever had one of those million dollar ideas that was going to make you rich? Well, I did, but I knew it would never happen for me. So I just sat back and wondered when it would happen. Well, according to a BBC article, someone has finally done it, at least partially.

The Rise alarm […]

b2 Just Keeps Getting Better

Found out via Webfroot that Michael V, the man behind the glorious b2 has updated his script again. b2 is the news script I use on my site and is ran by quite few others as well. With the new Pingback and Trackback features, it continues to get better and better.


When Bicycling Goes Bad

Saw this on my Yahoo! homepage and sent it along to Blue’s News, where they ended up mentioning it. Does look a wee bit painful don’t it.

The New Logitech MX700 Optical Mouse

Boy, this nice little mouse from Logitech will definately be on the Christmas list. 8 buttons, wireless, and a recharge station so you don’t have to worry about batteries running out pretty well take care of any of my concerns about going wireless.

Dear Santa: 1 Logitech MX700 Cordless Optical Mouse



I’m A Beta Boy!!!

Was checking my email before heading to bed a few nites ago, and lo and behold, there is an email telling me I scored a seat on the Xbox Live Beta crew. Sweet. Ordered my kit the next morning (the order site was swamped that nite) and I’m hoping to get it in time for […]

How To Keep Track Of All Those Movies

Been checking out some new Movie Collection software over the last few weeks. I have owned DVD Profiler for about a year and a half, and while it does a great job, it hasn’t been updated in quite a while. The Collectorz program looks good, offering VHS movies as well, which I do have quite […]

I’m On PlanetQuake?

Decided I would Google myself and dig around and find references to my online persona, Smikwily. I was a little surprised to find a reference to me on the almighty PlanetQuake. Someone had asked why drive up ATMs had braille on them. This is the answer I gave them:

I actually heard the reason for […]

When Geeks Travel

This is something I wondered about after hearing about 2 people playing Halo via a Cat5 cable strung between 2 vehicles: A mobile LAN. Well, a few people had a trip planned, so they decided to put together a LAN between 2 vehicles. Arming them both with the necessary equipment, wiring their laptops up to […]