Vote For Your Movie In Japan

Interesting little idea mentioned over at Seems that Sony Pictures Entertainment of Japan is going to try a movie going experiment next month: you vote for the movie and we play it. Moviegoers will hit the Sony website and select a movie, venue, and schedule. Once 100 to 150 have decided on a movie, they set a time and location for the movie to be shown.

Sounds like a great idea to me. I’d definitely go catch some classics if they were offered in the theater again. Might give the movie biz a little kick in the pants, too 🙂

Newseum – Frontpage To Sept. 11

Since we are getting close to the 1 year anniversary of Sept. 11, it’s interesting to see how we reacted to the attack. I received a link to a page called Newseum in a newsletter and it’s a bit sobering. The site offers pictures of 70 front pages of newspapers from around the world. It’s one of the few sites that has brought back the feelings I had that day. Take a look and take a few minutes to reflect…

Mario Shining In My House

Picked up Super Mario Sunshine and the jury is out right now. I only played a few minutes of it, and it does seem like another Miyamoto Masterpiece, but I can’t make the call yet. It seems to be an extension of Mario64, which in itself is great, but I’m still adjusting to the controls and using the FLUDD water sprayer. I’ll let you know if (make that when) things pick up.

New Matrix Shots And Animatrix Trailer

Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? Then get thee to the official Matrix website. A few new pics have been added, and a first trailer for the Animatrix is up. Very, very cool stuff. After hearing that production has wrapped on the title, it’s all a matter of waiting for the ‘Special Effects’ to get added. Mark those calendars!

Dead To Diamond

Ok, this falls under the ‘creepy, but cool’ category. A new report on MSNBC says that a new company by the name of LifeGem will take cremated remains and turn them into a diamond. Yep, take ol’ Aunt Ruthie, send her ashes to LifeGem, and for a few grand, you can have her made into a sparkler for your ring finger.

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Window Shades 2.0

Messing around with a new pop-up stopper. I was using Pow from AnalogX, who BTW has some of the best utilities on the net, but was looking for something that would allow me to configure it a bit more. Yesterday I stumbled across Window Shades, which might fit the bill. It allows you to block pop-ups across an entire domain, or block only certain pop-ups. This is more of what I was looking for.

Me And My Blog

This site is going a bit slowly at times, and I’ve decided it’s because I’m being a bit picky about what I post about. I usually find all sorts of cool links and software, but never post about any of them. I send links to all my buddies, but don’t do anything about that here.

That’s going to change.

This site is going to be a bit ‘info’ for you, and a bit ‘archive’ for me. If I find a cool tool or link that I end up using, I’ll try to let you know about it. That way you can try it and I’ll also have a reference to it, just in case I lose track of it 🙂

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RIP: Alba, the Glowing Bunny

It seems that Alba, the rabbit famous do to it’s ability to glow in the dark/under black light, has died. The animal was part of an experiment involving splicing the genes from a jellyfish with the rabbit to make it glow. Now, Alba is no more, but in dying, Alba may cause as much contriversy in deatha as in life. Head over to Wired
to read why some of the ‘facts’ aren’t lining up quite right.

Music from TV Commercials

Looking for that piece of music you heard in a commercial jingle, but can’t quite figure out what it is? Then head to They have listings for quite a few commercial jingles, as well as the discs you can find them on. Get that song out of your head and into your CD player!

Update: Received this in a recent email. May be another good site to check out:


Interesting little work games over at They take words from current events news and put them in puzzle format. Each word is separate, but when you finish a word correctly, the letters that are in that word are filled in for anyother word they appear in. You can get hung up, but click the owl at the top and he’ll give you a hint. Go try them out!