Reign Of Fire

Went and checked out Reign of Fire over the weekend and came away pretty impressed. One of those movies that you go into expecting little and end up thoroughly enjoying yourself. I remembered Christian Bale from Shaft and haven’t really been taken with Matthew McConaughey (I think it’s partially due to his ‘recognizable’ accent), but both of them did a great job with their characters. Bracing myself for McConaughey from The Wedding Planner, I was pleasantly surprised to be met with a McConaughey that even bested his performance in U-571, at least in my book.

The special effects weren’t really that noticeable through the majority of the movie, with the dragons getting very little screen time in all actuality, but when they showed, boy did they show. Be prepared for a ‘simple’ fix to the dragon problem that’s pretty much wiped out the majority of humanity, but like I told a friend, you are dealing with a movie about dragons after all.

All in all, I would recommend it, but don’t go in expecting the greatest movie of all time. But, expect to be entertained, which is sometimes a blessing at the movie theater anymore.

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