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Check Out Chipotle

If you have a Chipotle in the neighborhood, but haven’t tried it out, do so on my recommendation. Think of it as a mexican Subway: you pick what you want, but it’s in a burrito instead of a bun. Fabulous flavor, not too pricey, and you get more than your money’s worth.

How To Tell If You Dad Is Cool

If he builds a tree house that looks just like a Mechwarrior Mech, then yes, your dad is cool. I don’t care if it’s a bit geeky, this thing is sweet.

Fat Guy Is Fed Up!

Yet more proof on that there are too many lawyers in the world. This time it’s a class action lawsuit against the big 4 fast food companies, blaming them for “his client?s obesity and related health problems”.

Suggestions. Try a muzzle…

WTC Area Concept Drawings

Interesting little page over at the LMDC, Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. Apparently they have 6 concepts of what the WTC area is going to look like once it’s rebuilt. Combining a memorial with actual ‘work’ environments wouldn’t be an easy task, but some of the plans seem to do it rather well.

Reign Of Fire

Went and checked out Reign of Fire over the weekend and came away pretty impressed. One of those movies that you go into expecting little and end up thoroughly enjoying yourself. I remembered Christian Bale from Shaft and haven’t really been taken with Matthew McConaughey (I think it’s partially due to his ‘recognizable’ accent), but […]