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The Vehicles Of PlanetSide

The official PlanetSide site has been updated with a run down on the vehicles that are planned for the game. Made by the team behind Everquest, the game will offer online battles on a large scale.

I’ve been watching this one for a while, but I’ll have to upgrade my PC before it comes out […]


I bought Stuntman for the PS2 last night and I’m having a blast. Yes, the guy who works on the Xbox site has a PS2. The controls are a bit touchy, but then again, they were the same way in Driver (Driver 1/2 were both made by the company that made Stuntman) and that was […]

Link In Soul Caliber 2

If is correct, the original ‘next-gen’ version of Link, as in the non cel-shaded version, could be appearing in the GameCube version of Soul Caliber 2.

Since a lot of people were upset with Shig’s decision to feature a younger version of the Nintendo hero, this should offer a few of them a way […]

Phone Booth

I’ve been watching out for this one since Jim Carrey was initially attached to it. Phone Booth is an intersting premise for a movie and should make for a good tense theater going experience.

Imagine innocently walking past a phone booth and watching it ring. You pick it up and the guy at the other […]