I bought Stuntman for the PS2 last night and I’m having a blast. Yes, the guy who works on the Xbox site has a PS2. The controls are a bit touchy, but then again, they were the same way in Driver (Driver 1/2 were both made by the company that made Stuntman) and that was a blast once you get the hang of it. The movie I’m working on in the game is based on one my all time favorite shows, ‘The Dukes of Hazard’ so I’m having a blast. A little frustrating at times, but worth a definite rental at least.

Link In Soul Caliber 2

If is correct, the original ‘next-gen’ version of Link, as in the non cel-shaded version, could be appearing in the GameCube version of Soul Caliber 2.

Since a lot of people were upset with Shig’s decision to feature a younger version of the Nintendo hero, this should offer a few of them a way to vent their frustration. I mean, Ganon is cool, but laying the smack down on Voldo should be sweet!

Phone Booth

I’ve been watching out for this one since Jim Carrey was initially attached to it. Phone Booth is an intersting premise for a movie and should make for a good tense theater going experience.

Imagine innocently walking past a phone booth and watching it ring. You pick it up and the guy at the other end of the phone tells you he’s a sharpshooter and that he’ll kill you if you move. To prove that he’s serious, he aims a gun at you and you find yourself the target of a madman…

Very interesting. Colin Farrell has split screen time with Bruce Willis and will show alongside Tom Cruise in Minority Report, another of my ‘must see’ list.