The Matrix Reloads has posted an article covering the Matrix sequels currently in the production.

There is some new info up on the movies, including new pics and info on such items as how the Oracle will be shown in Part 3 (Matrix Revolutions), since the actress who portrayed her (Gloria Foster) died soon after her filming for Part 2 (Matrix Reloaded).

It was previously rumored that there is a scene in Reloaded where there appears to be 100 Neos fighting. It sounded a little strange, but the Time article sort of cleared that up a bit. It seems that good, old Agent Smith from the first movie will be making a return appearance for Reloaded. And since Reloaded, he’s learned how to replicate himself. That pretty much means that, since he’s a computer virus, he can make ‘duplicates’ of himself.

Sounds very cool.

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