Sara Lee Rolls Out Crustless Bread

Yes. The kids have won once again. is reporting that Sara Lee is making a crustless bread, to appeal to kids and adults that usually work around the ‘crusty’ stuff when they eat their sandwiches.

“Kids not wanting crust is nothing new,” said Sara Lee spokesman Steve Mura. But he said the company saw increased demand for time-saving, nutritious products.

“We wanted to offer consumers the same slice size as they’re getting with a bread with crust on it,” Mura said, so the bread starts out slightly larger than normal.

The leftover crusts will be recycled into bread crumbs and animal feed, he said.

Consumers may find the crustless bread convenient, but they’ll have to pay for it. The company plans to sell the new bread for $2.59 to $3.39 a loaf, a premium of about 75 cents a loaf to regular old-fashioned IronKids bread, Mura said.

First pulpless orange juice, now this. Once we figure out how to make animals without no bones, we’ll be set. And the meat should be cheaper since they are easier to catch.

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