Robin Williams As Doc Ock?

Very interesting Spidey 2 rumor over at Apparently there is a rumor out on the net that Robin Williams is going to play a villain in Spidey 2. He was asked about it an interview and here is his response.

Did you know they mentioned your name as a possibility for the new SPIDER-MAN villain?
They mentioned me as a villain?! I?d do that in a red second!

As Dr. Octopus??
Really?! That?d be great!

Robin Williams as Doc Ock. Wow. He’d have to probably pull back a bit as to not overshadow the Web Head, but he’s been getting into darker roles recently. If Carey can do it to the Riddler, Williams can pull of Ock.

Yamauchi Has Left The Building

I knew it was coming, but could’t remember when.

A story on Yahoo! reminded me that today was the day. A great man in gaming history is moving on. Hiroshi Yamauchi, President of Nintendo is retiring. He’ll be replaced by Satoru Iwata.

Yamauchi started the company quite a few years ago as a playing card company in Japan. If you have ever read the story of Nintendo (
Game Over), then you’ll know what all the company went through to become the grand-pappy of gaming.

Thanks Yamauchi-San. Your work was greatly appareciated.

Daddy Indy?

Another interesting little Indy4 tidbit from

According to Dutch TV magazine VARA, when they interviewed GEORGE LUCAS, who is writing and producing INDIANA JONES 4, he revealed a new character to the series.

When Vara’s reporter asked Lucas about Indiana, Lucas replied, “Spielberg is directing, and Indiana will have a son.”

Indy a Daddy? Interesting. With recent reports that Sean Connery would reprise his role as Jones Sr, that would mean 3 generations on screen. It also means that there is a possibility of a new series, starring Indy III 🙂

Matrix MMORPG?

No this isn’t about the movie side of things (although the newly released teaser is available at 🙂

According to a new post at Voodoo Extreme, the Warner Bros. Online crew is trying to hire some people to work on what seems to be a Matrix based MMORPG. Think Matrix, Everquest style. I’ve never been able to get into a MMORPG, but the Matrix backing might be enough to pull me in.

First Daredevil Shot [Updated] has posted the first shot of Ben Affleck as superhero Daredevil, the newest in the sting of comic book inspired movies in the works.

Daredevil is more of a Batman type hero, meaning he has no “super powers” to speak of. He is blind, but to compensate for that his other senses are “hyper-acute.” An example from the article is “he’ll know if you have a gun in your pocket because he can smell the gunpowder.”

I’ve read a few Daredevil books and always thought he one of the cooler comic book characters out there. I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether the big screen lives up to the comic.

[Update: An even larger version can been seen at]

Bad Boys 2 Casting Call

While not giving away too much of the plot, there are a few hints/minor spoilers on the Bad Boys II casting sheet at It’s good to see this one finally up and in the early stages.

Of note is the articles writers mention of “Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey”. Man. Thank goodness they dropped from the movie. I can only imagine Dana Carvey as “Mike Laa-ry”. *shudder*

Matrix Trailers On ET

Entertainment Tonight will be sporting trailers for not just Matrix 2, but Matrix 3 as well next Wed. nite (May 15).

“The sequel carves a continuation of [my character] Neo’s journey and his quest to find out the truth,” Keanu reveals to ET. “It’s more about the conflict with the machines and the humans.”

And this time around, the stunts and special effects in ‘Reloaded’ and ‘Revolutions’ are even more spectacular than the first go-around!

You know where I’ll be around 7:30 EST 🙂

The Matrix Reloads has posted an article covering the Matrix sequels currently in the production.

There is some new info up on the movies, including new pics and info on such items as how the Oracle will be shown in Part 3 (Matrix Revolutions), since the actress who portrayed her (Gloria Foster) died soon after her filming for Part 2 (Matrix Reloaded).

It was previously rumored that there is a scene in Reloaded where there appears to be 100 Neos fighting. It sounded a little strange, but the Time article sort of cleared that up a bit. It seems that good, old Agent Smith from the first movie will be making a return appearance for Reloaded. And since Reloaded, he’s learned how to replicate himself. That pretty much means that, since he’s a computer virus, he can make ‘duplicates’ of himself.

Sounds very cool.

Sara Lee Rolls Out Crustless Bread

Yes. The kids have won once again. is reporting that Sara Lee is making a crustless bread, to appeal to kids and adults that usually work around the ‘crusty’ stuff when they eat their sandwiches.

“Kids not wanting crust is nothing new,” said Sara Lee spokesman Steve Mura. But he said the company saw increased demand for time-saving, nutritious products.

“We wanted to offer consumers the same slice size as they’re getting with a bread with crust on it,” Mura said, so the bread starts out slightly larger than normal.

The leftover crusts will be recycled into bread crumbs and animal feed, he said.

Consumers may find the crustless bread convenient, but they’ll have to pay for it. The company plans to sell the new bread for $2.59 to $3.39 a loaf, a premium of about 75 cents a loaf to regular old-fashioned IronKids bread, Mura said.

First pulpless orange juice, now this. Once we figure out how to make animals without no bones, we’ll be set. And the meat should be cheaper since they are easier to catch.

Indy Female Reunion Planned For 4

More cool Indy4 info from

Indiana Jones will come face-to-face with his womanizing past in the fourth installment of the blockbusting movie series. The film’s writer George Lucas says many of Indy’s ex-girlfriends will feature in Indiana Jones 4. He says it will feature a scene involving a number of characters from previous movies. Lucas says, “There is a scene where a lot of Indy’s ex-girlfriends show up, but they are not major characters.” Harrison Ford, who will reprise his role as Indiana Jones, says, “It’s probably going to be the best scene in the movie.”

Too cool. It’ll be interesting to see how Indy gets himself out of this one. He’d probably prefer snakes.