GI Joe and Transformers Together?

Itching for some old school, growing up style wallpapers for your desktop? Take 2 of my faves, thrown them in a blender, and this is what you get.

The pics are just a few extras being planned for some upcoming comic books and isn’t a proposed series or anything, but it would be one of the coolest, offering up a little Aliens vs Predator action.

Click on the smaller pics for larger versions. Also, read down in the thread for a cool Thundercats pic or 2 as well.

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Celeb Dodgeball?

Oh yeah. I’d watch this.

Reuters is reporting that after seeing a Celebrity Dodgeball Tournament for a AIDS benefit, at lease one TV exec things this could be the next ‘Celebrity Boxing’ or ”Battle of the Network Stars.’

The proposed 13-episode weekly series, entitled “Ultimate Dodgeball,” is getting shopped to various cable networks.

The lightbulb for the idea was last month’s Celebrity Dodgeball Tournament, benefiting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The event’s organizer, Zoo Prods. (“MTV’s Morning After”), knew it was onto something after watching Matthew Perry, David Spade, Courteney Cox Arquette and Jeff Probst pelt each other with red balls.

Initially, Zoo was simply hoping to raise money for a good cause.

“But once we heard Jeff Probst talk about how badly he wanted to beat the ‘Friends’ team because they had beat him in the ratings, we realized we could be a new version of ‘Battle of the Network Stars,”‘ said Zoo founder Barry Poznick.

A celeb edition of “Ultimate Dodgeball” ## celeb-friendliness practically being a prerequisite these days for reality series ## is part of Poznick’s pitch to networks. During the course of the show, showbizzers will end up taking on a team of real people.

Nothing like televising something considered too ‘violent’ for playgrounds on TV with adults trying to pelt each other 🙂

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Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror

Well, its official. The little guy just became a big guy now that Tactical Ops has hit the shelves across North America. For those of you who don’t know, Tactical Ops is a modification for Unreal Tournament that started sometime in 2000. Gameplay is akin to Counter Strike, but the focus is more on the Hollywood style run & gun firefights than hiding behind boxes and waiting for your enemy. Earlier this year it was announced that Infogrames would be picking up the mod and publishing it as a full blown game. The Tactical Ops team formed Kamehan Studios and proceeded to revamp every single aspect of the mod. Personally, i’m a hardcore fan of the game, but I don’t think im too far off when I say this game ROCKS.
Anyways, the game should be available in most major electronic stores by the end of the week, retailing for around $29.99 US. If you live overseas, or just want to try the game first, and own a copy of Unreal Tournament, you can head over to the Official Site and download the free mod for Unreal Tournament. Its basically the same as the retail, although you miss out on a few things like some new maps. Be warned though, the download is a whopping 200mb, so you’ll want to have a speedy connection, or leave it on overnight.

Either way, I highly reccomend the game for anyone who likes realism based first person shooters.

Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror

Indy 4 Still In The Works

Good news fellow Indy fans. According to a post on Dark Horizons, Indy 4 is coming, possibly before SW:Ep3!!!

Harrison Ford and George Lucas talked with Leonard Maltin and Entertainment Tonight at the BAFTA/LA ceremony about the current status of the Indy sequel. Ford: “It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen. We have what we all believe to be a good idea. There’s a lot of work ahead of us, but we are all looking foward to it”. Lucas: “If I finish up with Episode 2 this week I have to begin work in INDY 4 next week”.


“Supercolony Of Ants Discovered”

Interesting underground find up on MSNBC.

Apparently a group of scientists have found a supercolony of ants that stretch from Italy to Spain. They theorize that the ants may be genetically close enough to “smell” each other as friendlies, as opposed to enemies.

3,600 miles of ants that are 2 millimeters long.

I don’t know about you, but my skin just started itching…

Rush Hour 3 And 4?

According to a recent chat with New Line cochairman Bob Shaye over at, it seems that work could possibly begin on the next 2 sequels to the movie, as opposed to just part 3.

“What we would like to do if we could and if we could get economies of scale involved is to actually do a Rush Hour 3 and 4 together and have the third one be a cliffhanger,” Shaye said.

The economies of scale to which Shaye refers is that “there are three important but ambitious talent participants who want a lot of money and it undermines the process of making a really good funny movie and a good action movie at a price that we think we can recoup.”

Chris Tucker has mentioned before that he would like to have part 3 set in New York (as hinted at in RH2), but a large budget might cause interiors to be shot elsewhere, even if the movie is set in NYC.

“Chris is obviously an incredibly important part of the production. Even if you set it in New York, it wouldn’t all be set in New York. The interiors are going to be elsewhere. There is a budget number that we will do it for and there’s a budget number that we won’t, because it is a business after all.”