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GI Joe and Transformers Together?

Itching for some old school, growing up style wallpapers for your desktop? Take 2 of my faves, thrown them in a blender, and this is what you get.

The pics are just a few extras being planned for some upcoming comic books and isn’t a proposed series or anything, but it would be one of […]

Games Take The Rap: Part 723

Note the order of the possible causes for the violent acts in Germany in this story.

1.violent computer games 2.unsuspecting parents 3.academic pressure

Maybe if 2 wasn’t a factor, then 1 and 3 wouldn’t have been either.

First T3 Shot

He said he’d be back.

Celeb Dodgeball?

Oh yeah. I’d watch this.

Reuters is reporting that after seeing a Celebrity Dodgeball Tournament for a AIDS benefit, at lease one TV exec things this could be the next ‘Celebrity Boxing’ or ”Battle of the Network Stars.’

The proposed 13-episode weekly series, entitled “Ultimate Dodgeball,” is getting shopped to various cable networks.

The […]

Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror

Well, its official. The little guy just became a big guy now that Tactical Ops has hit the shelves across North America. For those of you who don’t know, Tactical Ops is a modification for Unreal Tournament that started sometime in 2000. Gameplay is akin to Counter Strike, but the focus is more on the […]

Max Movie Makes Move

Well, according to this Reuters report, the Max Payne movie is making progress. They justed hired the creator of the “Shield” to write the script.

You’ll soon be seeing that constipated looking face on the bigscreen.

Indy 4 Still In The Works

Good news fellow Indy fans. According to a post on Dark Horizons, Indy 4 is coming, possibly before SW:Ep3!!!

Harrison Ford and George Lucas talked with Leonard Maltin and Entertainment Tonight at the BAFTA/LA ceremony about the current status of the Indy sequel. Ford: “It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen. We have what […]

“Supercolony Of Ants Discovered”

Interesting underground find up on MSNBC.

Apparently a group of scientists have found a supercolony of ants that stretch from Italy to Spain. They theorize that the ants may be genetically close enough to “smell” each other as friendlies, as opposed to enemies.

3,600 miles of ants that are 2 millimeters long.

I don’t know […]

The Tuxedo has just posted the trailer for the upcoming Jackie Chan/Jennifer Love Hewitt moving coming out this June. Can you make a better movie? I mean, Jackie’s got the moves and Jennifers got the … well… she’s Jennifer!

Another Lawyer Filled Game Death

This one is kinda pathetic. JS Online: Death of a game addict is about a 21 year old guy who ended up shooting himself. The mother blames his death on EverQuest. Pretty sad…

The guy even experienced seizures, but kepy on playing…

smikwily on HomeLanFed

Cool. Nothing like a little credit on an email.

JCal over at HomeLan Fed how cool it would be to have an A-Team movie yesterday, so I clued him in that there was one in the works already. I had found out and posted about it not too long ago, so I thought he’d like […]

Rush Hour 3 And 4?

According to a recent chat with New Line cochairman Bob Shaye over at, it seems that work could possibly begin on the next 2 sequels to the movie, as opposed to just part 3.

“What we would like to do if we could and if we could get economies of scale involved is to […]