KITT To The Big Screen?

Even more wacky moving new over at Dark Horizons:

Knight Rider: The Movie: Variety reports that Revolution Studios is planning to revive the 80’s NBC series “Knight Rider” into a new feature film. Original series star David Hasselhoff and creator Glen Larson will both executive produce, though whether Hasselhoff will appear onscreen is unsure. Larson is currently working on the script, and the KITT car will be heavily revamped (with gadgets galore) as the producers want to create a “big action” film in “Fast & Furious” vein.

This one has some potential, but then again, they are going to have to avoid the ‘cheesiness’ factor that goes along with Hasselhoff. Not early Hasselhoff, but ‘post-Baywatch, European singer’ Hasselhoff. I’ll prolly be in line for this one as well, for old times sake more than anything.

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