Someone Has A Touch Of Sense Out There

It’s about time!

A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit that claimed Time Warner Inc. and other entertainment companies produced works that drove two teenagers to gun down and kill a teacher and 12 fellow students in the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. The family of Dave Sanders, a teacher who was fatally shot during the massacre in Littleton, Colorado, brought the suit against Time Warner, now known as AOL Time Warner, and the company’s New Line Cinema as makers and distributors of “The Basketball Diaries.”

Another one of those stupid lawsuits bites the dust. I wish people would stop trying to pass the blame just so they can make a little cash. These are getting real old.

The judge said the two gunmen were the ones responsible for the teacher’s death.

2+ years and who knows how much taxpayer money down the drain because someone didn’t see the obvious…

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