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MJ To Call It Quits?

Looks like MJ might be hanging up the ol’ Nikes at the end of the season. His right knee has been bothering him for most of the season and surgery may down him for all of next season.

The article doesn’t mention if Jordan will return the following season, but the title of it does […]

The Story Behind All Your Base

Things have kinda settled down on the AYB front, but Gamitopia has posted an interesting interview with Carl-Henrik Sk?rstedt, creator of Toaplan, an homage site of sorts for the company of the same name that created Zero Wing, the game in which the legendary line originates.

An interesting read, even if you are fed up […]

Earth And Beyond First Impressions…

Well! As some of you may know, the phase 6 stress test for E&B just started today. They wanted to see how the servers would handle an extra 3500 people… They didn’t. We succeded in trashing the official forums, as well as lagging the game so bad, most people couldn’t even tell where they were. […]

Blade 2

Went and saw this blood sucking sequel tonite and was blown out of my chair. If you even remotely liked the first one, go watch this one. If you haven’t seen the first one, this one kinda brings you up to speed. Great special effects and more hand-to-hand action. Very, very cool.

KITT To The Big Screen?

Even more wacky moving new over at Dark Horizons:

Knight Rider: The Movie: Variety reports that Revolution Studios is planning to revive the 80’s NBC series “Knight Rider” into a new feature film. Original series star David Hasselhoff and creator Glen Larson will both executive produce, though whether Hasselhoff will appear onscreen is unsure. Larson […]

Getting “Jinky” With It

Well, I was a little worried when I heard Scooby was coming to the big screen. This has me a little anxious now.

The new trailer opens up a bit more of the other characters, even pointing out that Shaggy may not suck as much as I was expecting earlier. If he can pull that […]

Wolf Tactics: News

Well, I haven’t been by in a while, but it seems like things are coming to life over at Wolf Tactics.

WT is a class based mod for Castle Wolfenstein. Think Team Fortress for Wolfey. Now, before you groan, the cool thing about WT is the fact that they are keeping it in the Wolfenstein […]

Breaking Bones So You Don’t Have To

Looking to burn some time in a painfull looking fashion? Then check out the Ski Stunt Simulator. Available in a Java applet or in a downloadable Windows version.


Found this while over at Voodoo Extreme:

“Rockstar quietly let the world slip a few weeks ago that GTA III was coming to the PC. A key feature will be support for 16-person multiplay, and the PC version will also sport better textures at a much nicer resolution. The mouse/keyboard setup will be instantly familiar […]

So long GreyMatter! Hello b2!

Well, I have everything converted over to b2. I was going to mess around with it a bit, but when I ran the import, it blew away my old archives. It was kinda fix it or live with it until I could. I decided to get it back up and running as is for now, […]

Whatcha Gonna Do – Part 2!!!

Via Dark Horizons:

Bad Boys 2: Sony confirmed at ShoWest that Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Director Michael Bay are all signed for the BB sequel to be released Summer 2003.

Sweet. One of my fave movies in the “cop/buddy” genre is getting ready to kick off. It’ll be interesting to see […]

Someone Has A Touch Of Sense Out There

It’s about time!

A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit that claimed Time Warner Inc. and other entertainment companies produced works that drove two teenagers to gun down and kill a teacher and 12 fellow students in the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. The family of Dave Sanders, a teacher who was fatally shot […]