Warcraft III And Earth & Beyond

While waiting for my soup to heat this morning, I happened to stumble across GameSpot’s new Warcraft III preview. As i’m sure many of you know, the WC3 public beta was just released this past week. Well GameSpot got their hands on a copy and have done up a rather extensive article on Blizzards next juggernaut of a game. The article is six (!) pages long and has many pretty screenies for you to drool over. The article covers a lot of the basics in Warcraft 3, and I found it a very interesting read. Unfortunatly I burnt my soup while glued to my monitor. Oops!

On not-really-sorta-kinda-almost related news, I was recently accepted into Westwood’s Earth and Beyond beta/stress test! Woohoo!

For those of you who don’t know, E&B is an upcoming MMORPG where you play a pilot for one of three factions, flying around shooting stuff, exploring, and trading. It looks very cool. So eventually I might have some insider tidbits on E&B, but I can’t say anything at the moments because of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Basically the NDA says that if I start yapping, their army of lawyers tracks me down, skins me alive and hangs me on the nearest tree. Darn. Eventually the NDA will be lifted though, and then I can brag to you all about how cool E&B is. Yay!

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