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What Was He Thinking?


Just About As Close To Famous As I’ll Ever Get…

Yes! I’ve been Gnomed!

Part of the Lockergnome newsletter (which I’ve been a more than happy subscriber to for a few years) is called the Soapbox. In the previous issue, someone was going on about how the PS2 was the console of choice for many “obvious” reasons. I do admit that there are a few […]

Chan Goes Sci-fi

New Jackie Chan info via Dark Horizons:

Oriental Daily and The Sun report that Jackie Chan has added this $40 million sci-fi thriller to his upcoming schedule. Chan plays a warrior from the Ming Dynasty who arrives in the present after various portals in time appear care of debris from a falling satellite. Jackie is […]

Stuntman Preview On Gamespot

Driver was awesome. Driver2 continued that. Now, Stuntman is coming.

I’ve been watching this one for a while, and this new preview from GameSpot has me even more excited. It’s not expected for a few more months, but this game should be awesome. You are the stuntman, and you have to work yourself up from […]

PSX/PC Combo

No, this isn’t something that you can buy. It’s just a crazy idea brought to someone with the guts and brains to give it a shot. Apparently his son had a broken leg and asked his dad if he would move his PSX closer to his PC so he wouldn’t have to walk as far.


New GTA Game To Hit This Fall

I was seriously planning on picking up Grand Theft Auto 3, but according to Grand Theft Auto: Miami is going to be out later this year. I can’t decide what to do. I’ll probably end of renting it via RedOctane and keeping it for quite a while, then maybe picking up Miami when it […]

Warcraft III And Earth & Beyond

While waiting for my soup to heat this morning, I happened to stumble across GameSpot’s new Warcraft III preview. As i’m sure many of you know, the WC3 public beta was just released this past week. Well GameSpot got their hands on a copy and have done up a rather extensive article on Blizzards next […]

Jackie Chan As Chun Li?

I’ve never seen this one before, but it kinda speaks for itself. How can this guy get any cooler?

New Spiderman On MTV

While not to giving on any details, there is an article on Comics Continuum discussing the new Spiderman series being developed for MTV. Produced by Mainframe Entertainment, makers of Beast Machines/Beast Wars and the Reboot series, the show is set to air on Wed. nites at around 10PM. Details are thin, but the article does […]

Warthogs + Explosives = FUN!!!

If you’ve played Halo at all, then you probably have been behind the wheel of one of the Warthogs. The Warthogs are the jeep like vehicles that are a blast to drive, once you get the hang of things 🙂

Well, it seems like someone else out there will too much time on their hands […]

One Hour Photo

Aussie site Bscene has some cool pics up of Robin Williams upcoming movie, One Hour Photo. They descibe the movie as this:

sy parrish (robin williams) is a mild-mannered photo lab technician who has worked his entire adult life at a discount store’s one-hour photo shop. a lonely man, sy derives his self-esteem from his […]