True Lies 2 In Early Stages

New True Lies info via Cinema Confidential this morning.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says that a script was turned in last week for “True Lies II.” Details? Schwarzenegger tells this column, “Jim Cameron finished the script a few months ago. But I’m not sure it will shoot this year. I’m going to go away for a long time to do ‘Terminator,’ and it’s not my style to go away again so quickly and do another huge movie. I like to do one movie a year at the most. We’ll shoot it next year. We have a good script. There does need to be some changes because it deals with some terrorists act of some sort. But it’s pretty much done.”

Jamie Lee Curtis is also expected to return. Arnie says that rumors that he will run for office in California will not delay “TL2.” “Do you honestly think I could run for office while I’m doing ‘Terminator 3’ and then ‘True Lies II.’ Be honest. I can’t do all of it! I’m only human.”

This is not only one of my favorite Schwarzenegger films, but one of my favorite movies period. I’m anxious to see what they do in the second one. I only hope they can get Tom Arnold to reprise his role as well. Ya never know. Maybe Bill Paxton will make another appearance to wet his pants 🙂

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