Wesley Crusher To Host Video Game Show

Just read a neat little piece over at WIL WHEATON DOT NET.

That’s right. I got hired to be a host and writer for a new TV Network. It’s AWESOME. The network is called “G4” and it’s all about video games, and the people who play them. I am so excited. I get to work with my friend Travis, and, I get paid to write! I start on Monday.

This job is going to be awesome, and the people I’m working for are just amazing. I get to play games all day long, write commentary about video game culture, and, the best part is, when I get work in a movie or series, I can take that job, and write my stuff from home, or the set!! It’s so the best of all worlds.

That might have lost a few of you. Let me explain.

G4 is a new video game based TV channel that should be launching in the next few months. Gaming and the gaming culture will be covered 24/7.

Now, Wil Wheaton is the actor known by most as playing Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. His personal site is just that: his personal site. He’s one of the biggest geeks out there and is proud to admit it. It might not sound like much, but he’s got quite a following around the net.

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